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Fever March 2, 2008

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

That which has felled so many neighbors has caught up with me. I was in bed all day yesterday, sleeping, half-awakening to the sounds of snowplows.

I couldn’t even read.

I had so many plans for this weekend. I am a bundle of disappointment.


1. Helen - March 2, 2008

I hope you are a soon-to-be bundle of energy again. Take care!

2. Bridgett - March 2, 2008

Yiminy, it’s getting everyone around here too. “Couldn’t even read” is a common symptom, from what I’ve been hearing.

3. Mali - March 2, 2008

“Couldn’t even read.” That’s rough.

Look after yourself.

4. Cedar Waxwing - March 3, 2008

Feel better, Indigo. It’s hit the DC Metro area as well. (but luckily not our house)

5. Craig (Maito Sewa Yoleme) - March 3, 2008

I recently had what my physician, in her highfalutin’ medical lingo, called “The Grunge.” I was so sick that I actually threw up–something I haven’t done in decades.

Fever’s no fun either. I tend to hallucinate when my temp is over 101.

Can you get some books on tape, or is concentrating on the words too much of a struggle?

6. bettyslocombe - March 3, 2008

It must be your mid life crisis! Happy Birthday!

7. Helen - March 4, 2008

What? It’s your birthday? And you’re sick? Dang. Don’t forget to feed your fever with lots of ice cream and other goodies. And I hope you’re well enough to celebrate soon!

8. indigo bunting - March 4, 2008

It was my birthday on the 2nd (Mrs. S, been reading around, eh? Thanks for your wishes, and maybe I’ll live til 92!), making this thing doubly yuck, spoiling all my plans. Now I am holding out for that birthday present to myself—tickets to a Pink Martini concert in Portland Friday night. I have to both get well enough to travel AND get good weather.

Today I will venture out of the house to vote.

9. Craig (Maito Sewa Yoleme) - March 4, 2008

Wanna share who you’re voting for?

10. Helen - March 6, 2008

Is everything OK? You haven’t been around for a while…

11. indigo bunting - March 7, 2008

SY: I voted for Lynda for school board, but she lost.

Helen, everyone: I’ve been pretty sick. Just back to work two days ago, which makes me too tired to do anything else. Today I’m heading to Portland for my birthday present to myself: a Pink Martini concert! I am hoping I truly have the energy for this and that the weather holds. I also hope to be back next week in some form (preferably a healthy one)!

12. JHK - March 9, 2008

Aw. It’s so unfair to be sick on your birthday weekend! Glad you’re feeling better and hope the concert was all that you imagined.

13. Bridgett - March 9, 2008

looking forward to your return (I noticed suddenly this great radio silence…Mali was explainable and then I thought, wait, where is IB?). I’m sorry it hit ya. It got mike (husband) tonight. Went to bed, his eyes bloodshot, all achy and ick. CAN’T WAIT.

14. indigobunting - March 10, 2008

Hey all! JHK, I’m much better (still napping), and the concert was FANTASTIC. Managed to have a great weekend. Bridgett, hope Mike gets better quickly and you dodge it. It’s nasty.

15. Susan - March 16, 2008

I had it, too. Still have the bronchitis part. Yup, couldn’t even read, and couldn’t watch TV either. I was amazed at how much energy is required to watch even a Meg Ryan movie. I hope we got a nice dose of immunity out of this.

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