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Milestone April 29, 2008

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

A beloved member of my Route 153 household today celebrates the reaching of a milestone in a decimal society. My NordicTrack CX 990 elliptical cross trainer—age approximately 3 years, 4 months—has provided its 500th workout. Like, just now.

NTCX990, I love you. Chocolates all around! Perhaps even some bubbly…


1. Craig (Maito Sewa Yoleme) - April 29, 2008

Does it have a counter, or have you just been keeping (nordic) track?

2. Cedar Waxwing - April 29, 2008

Ha! I swear I didn’t see this before I wrote my post about RQ-209s.

3. indigo bunting - April 29, 2008

Sewa: I have been keeping (nordic) track.

Cedar: Between your post and mine, Bowie’s “TVC15” has found its way into my head.

4. Helen - April 29, 2008

Is it a love-hate relationship? Or just pure love?

5. indigo bunting - April 29, 2008

Believe it or not, it’s mostly love. The afterglow is worth the effort.

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