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A Natural Lunch April 30, 2008

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

My office consists of two rooms. I was working in one when I heard what I thought was the sudden crash of something in the other. An odd sound. I walked in, looked around, saw nothing, then looked out the window. In my driveway was a sharp-shinned hawk, who had taken out a mourning dove at my bird feeder.

This had happened once before (to my knowledge), several months ago in a snowstorm, to a chickadee.

I called my neighbor, Paul, who looked out the window immediately. Tim’s got our camera with him, so Paul grabbed his, but the sharp-shinned would have none of it. S/he saw Paul moving inside the house, so lunch, which was almost as big as s/he was, became takeout, hauled high into the trees.


1. Craig (Maito Sewa Yoleme) - April 30, 2008

Mom says to tell you how much she loves your writing (I read her nearly everything you write).

2. indigobunting - April 30, 2008

You tell Marguerite thank you.

Don’t you think she should have a blog?

3. laurie - April 30, 2008

wow. i love where you live. wherever it is.
(and you’ll have to email me and tell me what kind of editor you are. i’m an editor, too.)

4. Craig (Maito Sewa Yoleme) - April 30, 2008

IB: A blog of her own? I’d end up typing it, and I’m too busy writing my own. Now that I’m writing again, I can’t seem to stop.

5. Craig (Maito Sewa Yoleme) - April 30, 2008

I just suggested that Mom get her own blog, and she said she didn’t have anything to talk about. “The only interesting thing that’s happened in years was when that cardinal got trapped in the house and we had to open all the doors to get him out!” (And that was a year and a half ago.)

6. susan365 - April 30, 2008

I’ll see if I can send you here. I took that through my front door recently. Cooper’s Hawk. Unfortunate starling.

7. Helen - April 30, 2008

Then she could make it a blog about nothing. It could be as funny as Seinfeld.

8. Bridgett - April 30, 2008

nom nom nom nom nom. That hawk should come shoot fish in a barrel here in my yard. We have a red tailed pair in the park, but they seem uninterested in flying pests (pigeons, mourning doves, etc).

9. bettyslocombe - May 1, 2008

I was riding my bike down the next street last week when I saw what I thought was a really big wattle bird, then I realised it had something either rabbit, possum or very fat pigeon sized in its talons and that it had talons and that it was a peregrine falcon. it was flying pretty slowly and flapped slowly away.
Craig : maybe your mum could be like :
On her 95th birthday, Maria Amelia Lopez was given a blog
(amis95.blogspot.com.) by her grandson, who, she was quick to point
out in her first post, was “very stingy”. As she said in a recent
post: “You have to live life; not sit around in an armchair waiting
for death.” And she has proved it, by becoming a net celebrity with
hundreds of thousands of hits on her

10. indigo bunting - May 1, 2008

Susan: That photo is fantastic. Thanks so much for the link. (Everyone, check it out!)

Craig: I sure hope you can’t stop.

11. laurie - May 1, 2008

peregrines are very cool. sometimes i see them in downtown minneapolis (because we’re right on the bank of the mississippi river). they seem to live in the tower of city hall; is that possible?

i sat at my desk at the newspaper (indigo–that’s to answer your question about what kind of editor i am) and watched one rip apart some small unfortunate bird while sitting on the top of our building. small white feathers drifted past my window for hours afterward.

12. indigo bunting - May 1, 2008

Betty, Laurie: Peregrines are awesome. I feel lucky to likely be too big to be of too much interest to birds of prey…

13. Cedar Waxwing - May 1, 2008

We occasionally get birds of prey here in suburbia, but I can never tell which.

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