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Sunday Morning Bird Walk May 5, 2008

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Barn swallow. Tree swallow. Yellow warbler. Warbling vireo. Rufous-sided towhee. Yellow-bellied sapsucker. Downy woodpecker. American robin. Red-tailed hawk (flying low through woods). Chipping sparrow. Canada goose. White-throated sparrow. Field sparrow, maybe. Red-winged blackbird. Goldfinch. Chickadee. Probably more.

And the red-bellied woodpecker at my suet cake…



1. Cedar Waxwing - May 5, 2008

You saw more birds than we did on Sunday (at the National Arboretum). We probably saw more people than you did though! (Azalea are in bloom).

Hey — did you know that the name of the Rufous-sided Towhee has been changed to Eastern Towhee? I was just now researching the name, after seeing someone list Eastern Towhee on the Maryland bird list. I’m bummed about that. I like saying Rufous. It reminds me of that Highlights cartoon with the good boy and bad boy. Rufous. Rufous. Rufous.

Sorry — too much coffee on an empty stomach.

2. She She - May 5, 2008

On a walk yesterday morning, my 2 year old son and I got within 5 feet of a downy woodpecker doing his thing. My son grabbed my arm and whispered, “Whoa!” What a treat.

Note to self: buy more birdfeeders.

3. Craig (Maito Sewa Yoleme) - May 5, 2008

A furious blue jay dive-bombed me on my way to the mailbox this morning.

4. Bridgett - May 5, 2008

Yesterday: Mockingbird, cardinal. Eurasian Tree Sparrow, house sparrow house sparrow house sparrow…..Oh sweet Canada (heard, never seen). Starling. Starling. Grackle! Robin. House finch, and home again to cardinal and mockingbird. Later that evening, chimney swift.

5. laurie - May 5, 2008

yesterday we watched a bald eagle soar over como lake for several minutes, appaerntly just enjoying the wind.

then he flew right over our heads–so close i could see how yellow its beak was, and look right into its bright eye.

we also saw an indigo bunting, rare for our park.

6. bettyslocombe - May 5, 2008

magpie wattle bird noisy mynah rainbow lorikeet crow seagull crested ibis pigeon sparrow magpie

7. indigobunting - May 5, 2008

I’m envious and thrilled for everyone’s birding adventures!

I looked for indigo buntings Sunday, as I was at a spot where I’d seen them before, but saw none.

I just want more opportunity to say words like wattle and lorikeet!

8. Helen - May 6, 2008

Blue-footed booby.

9. indigobunting - May 6, 2008

Helen: It is my dream to see one, although I doubt I’ll ever get to the Galapagos. So it’s good to hear that they’re making their way to Canada… (But hey: Did you just want to say booby?

10. Mali - May 6, 2008

I’m impressed. You’re all so bird literate.

For the record. Yesterday: Tui. Last night: Morepork.

11. Helen - May 6, 2008

What, no rough-faced shag Mali?

12. indigobunting - May 7, 2008

CW: I forgot to note—I think I had heard about the name change, but I haven’t been keeping up with those. What with the whole back and forth between Baltimore and northern oriole, I figure I’ll just call them what I want. And you’re right: rufous-sided towhee is just too much fun to say.

13. Mali - May 7, 2008

Helen: You just wanted to say “shag” too!!

(For the record, I’d never heard of the “rough faced” variety. Sounds uncomfortable …)

14. indigobunting - May 7, 2008

Clearly, I’m going to have to look some birds up.

15. mm - May 17, 2008

This morning… 2 kingfishers. And a beaver. (I know, but we don’t see many beavers passing through this creek.)

16. indigobunting - May 23, 2008

mm: Sounds delightful.

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