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Bobby Militello Doesn’t Know I Love Him August 2, 2008

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Bobby Militello doesn’t know I love him. He doesn’t know that he’s the potential target of well-aimed undergarments. He doesn’t know that when he plays his alto sax, it’s only him and me, and I can’t take my eyes off his hands. The man is all fingers and tongue and lung capacity. He doesn’t know that I know this.

Bobby Militello doesn’t know I love him. And he will never know, because I am too shy to tell him. Before last night’s concert, he walked on stage alone to retrieve that sax and flute. I was mere feet from him. I could have said something. I kept very quiet.

Bobby Militello doesn’t know I love him. And if I told him, what would he say? “Uh . . . thanks?” I’m sure other people tell him this all the time. I am not other people. I don’t need him to love me back. I am happy in unrequited awe, which I have perfected in my love for birds and their songs and their fierceness.

Bobby Militello doesn’t know I love him, that I love him possibly even more than I love his impossibly astonishing quartetmates.* He doesn’t know that we were in the room together the night I turned fifteen, back when he was with Ferguson, back when I was falling in love with jazz and maybe some guy older than Bobby Militello.

No doubt Bobby Militello knows that everybody loves him. But Bobby Militello doesn’t know I love him. I’ll keep him guessing, sit back, and listen to him improvise.

*Dave, Michael, Randy.


1. Mali - August 2, 2008

But you know I love you don’t you?

This was just … well … lovely.

PS. “fingers and tongue and lung capacity’

2. Craig (Maito Sewa Yoleme) - August 3, 2008

Bobby who?

Sounds like someone with whose music I need to become acquainted.

3. laurie - August 3, 2008

ah unrequited and unspoken lust helps make the world go round.
nicely put.

4. Helen - August 4, 2008

How does Tim feel about this?

5. She She - August 4, 2008

A sweet ache.

My MIL still has a 40 year old sweat soaked hankie that Tom Jones threw back to her from the stage. Actually, she has half. She had to split it with her cousin.

6. indigobunting - August 4, 2008

Mali: Blush. Craig: I’m sure you’ve heard him. Laurie: Yes. Helen: Oh, I doubt he feels very threatened. She She: That’s impressive. And good for her for sharing!

7. Lynda - August 5, 2008

So although I forgot to ask you how the show was Friday night, now I know. Except I would have asked, “How was Dave Brubeck”? Little did I know that Dave had nothing to do with it. 😉

8. indigobunting - August 5, 2008

Lynda: Well, Dave had something to do with it. But…

9. Nora Seymour - October 24, 2008

Oh my God. I heard Bobby with Dave Brubeck and the Ramsey Lewis group in Austin last year. When Bobby launched into “Summertime,” I was reduced to a puddle. It’s the sexiest rendition of that song I’ve ever heard. I’d heard Brubeck before–and he’s fabulous, of course–but Militello was a revelation. Thanks for the post!

10. indigobunting - October 24, 2008

Ah, Nora—so glad to hear there’s someone out there who GETS it (and found this post!).

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