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Props September 24, 2008

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

I recently got an e-mail from one of my Northbrook friends, Tim. He said, Hey, I finally developed the film in my underwater camera! He’d been taking shots on that same roll for three summers.

Among the shots were a few from a day that he, Husband Tim, and I went fishing on the Ausable, back in 2006. See? Here’s one now:

It was the end of the day, and Husband Tim and I, having worked our way up the opposite bank to get to the honey hole, needed to cross the river and climb up the steep side to the road, where Friend Tim awaited us.

I like this shot. What amazes me, though, is that the photo doesn’t convey how treacherous that crossing is. The current’s really strong, and even when the river’s low, when the water only hits my thighs or hips, I know I’m no match for it alone. I’d attempt a solo crossing only in an emergency.

But whenever I cross there, it means I’ve spent a few hours enjoying one of my favorite places with my favorite person. Tim and I support one another, become the stable prop for the other’s weight, take turns making the next move. We always get to the other side.


1. She She - September 24, 2008

What a beautiful description of friendship.

2. Cedar Waxwing - September 24, 2008

I love that picture for a couple of reasons — 1) You can sort of see how the two of you were pushing against the current and supporting one another 2) its the first picture I’ve ever seen of Indigo Bunting. It was like a gift. I’ve been reading her words for how many years? Three? This is like the photo of the author on the back of a novel. It makes IB even more real.

3. Bridgett - September 24, 2008

Looks like the meramec river here in missouri–no big thang, unless you’re trying to wade across…

4. Adam Byrn Tritt - September 24, 2008

What you described is fully visible in the picture: the current, the support.

I am happy to say I recognise it from daily life as well. Else, I surely would have drowned again and again.

And again.

5. Mali - September 24, 2008

You manage to make a beautiful picture even more beautiful with your words. Who said a picture was worth a thousand words? Not when the words are Indigo Bunting’s.

6. damyantig - September 24, 2008

I love the last words of this post.

Sei di testa dura, quando capirai che devi scrivere, scrivere, scrivere?

7. indigobunting - September 25, 2008

Damyanti: This is the first time I’ve ever been scolded in Italian! I feel rather honored. And the good news is that at least with blogging, I’m trying! I just need to try more often!

Cedar: I still haven’t gotten up the nerve to post one in which you can tell what I look like!

Adam: And again. Same here.

B: Yeah. You know.

She She and Mali: Why, thank you. (M, I don’t know what to say!)

8. Deloney - September 25, 2008

When I clicked on the pic I got a screen-sized version, perfect for computor wallpaper.

9. Lynda - September 25, 2008

Oh, I am SO tempted to post a photo.

Damyantig: I tell her that all the time!!

10. damyantig - September 25, 2008

I’m glad you looked it up, Indigo:). And scolding is exactly what it is. You were born a writer, and you are pottering about, frittering time away doing a zillion things instead. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……

Lynda, I’m glad someone other than me tells her. Since I’m pretty ineffective from across the world, you probably have to push harder!

11. Helen - September 28, 2008


12. indigobunting - September 29, 2008

Several days later:

Del: Now, there’s a thought.

Lynda: Maybe someday I’ll get up the nerve to do it myself. The photo, that is. With any luck at all, I’ll find some more writing time soon…

13. indigobunting - September 29, 2008

Hi Helen!

14. Helen - September 30, 2008

Hi Indigo! And whoever else is out there or in here!

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