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Cold October 3, 2008

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

At night, stripping down for bed, I’m noticing: It’s cold.

Is it too early to switch to flannel sheets? I ask myself. Or can I get away with another week o’ jersey?

I fight it. I want to wait til mid-October to turn on the heat. I always cheat (she types, huddled next to her electric space heater).

After lights out last night, my thoughts went something like this: It’s cold. How could it be cold already? OK, I guess it is October. It’s October 2. Hey, it’s my nephew’s 18th birthday. I wonder if he’ll like that Flight of the Conchords DVD I sent? Or will he think it’s totally stupid? Only five months til my birthday. When it will still be cold. What about April 2, six months? It will still be cold. How about May 2, seven months? Well, it depends. Remember the Mother’s Day snow that one year?

Six months of cold. I haven’t switched out my closets yet. My dresser is still filled with spaghetti-strap tanks and capris. My head is obviously buried deep in some warm sandy beach somewhere.

There is an entire huge country north of here. Deloney, Helen, and Maureen (Are you there, Maureen?): Speak to me of cold. Remind me of how it can showcase some of life’s warmer things. Remind me that cross-country skiing makes me happy to be alive.