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Same As It Ever Was? April 9, 2009

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

Tim’s away this week. I went to Portland with him, but I couldn’t stay the whole time, then he had to do a photo shoot in upstate New York. Today he’s headed off for his annual fishing trip with his dad. He’ll visit with family and drive home Sunday.

This morning, heating up my coffee, I began to think about last year’s post, “What Indigo Bunting Does When Tim’s Not Around,” and I wondered if I was still doing it. Here’s an update:

Coffee crimes: It’s a mix. Tuesday morning, my first morning back, I did in fact use my large French press instead of hauling out the drip coffeemaker. And yes, I heated up said French-press coffee until I ran out this morning. Just now, in an effort to stay awake to work on an article, I’ve decided I need a cup. So I hauled out the drip coffeemaker. Coffee is brewing as I type.

Sleep crimes: I have, without question, been sprawling like crazy.

Timmy watch: I wore it on my drive home, and I believe I have worn it since, but I wasn’t wearing it when I reread last year’s post. As Timmy is on the road to his next destination, I decided I better put it on. It’s on. (Not that I’m truly superstitious or anything—I just like to wish him well.)

I wonder if my coffee’s done? I bet that pot will last me through Saturday.


1. Bridgett - April 9, 2009

As you often say in my comments….


2. Helen - April 9, 2009

The coffee crimes are unforgiveable (unlike the sleep crimes, which make perfect sense). I’m sending out the coffee squad to drag you off to a cafe where the coffee is always fair trade and fresh. And served with chocolate biscotti.

3. LisaS - April 9, 2009

ah yes. we do have our rituals to survive the travel, don’t we?

(and i do nuke coffee too sometimes … better than drinking it cold or pitching it–too expensive … )

4. Mali - April 9, 2009

Given that you’re not inflicting any of these choices on anyone else, I’d say they’re not crimes at all. Sprawl away!

5. indigo bunting - April 10, 2009

Bridgett: You’re shivering because I actually nuke my coffee, right?

Helen: That sounds delightful. Meanwhile, I am sipping on some of yesterday’s coffee now. Admittedly, I made it a bit strong (which is better than a bit weak!)

And LisaS, sometimes I do drink it cold/iced, but I’m in agreement: pitching it is out of the question!

Mali: I had a good sprawl last night.

6. waxwing - April 10, 2009

Since I have not had a good cup of coffee in a few days, I’m not sure where I stand. Am looking forward to getting back to my own coffee and coffee pot though.

I’m a sprawler when Dean’s away too.

7. Eulalia (Lali) Benejam Cobb - April 11, 2009

Sounds like Tim had better get back soon and put an end to these orgies.

8. indigobunting - April 12, 2009

Lali: You’re right. I am completely out of control.

9. Joya - April 13, 2009

Can I admit that I like it when Dan is away just because I get to sprawl all over the bed? Any time he announces that he’ll be gone overnight I get a little secret thrill of anticipation at the thought of having the whole bed to myself.

I won’t comment on your coffee crimes. I was in the Navy, where sailors build up weird, wacky little rituals around their mornin’, noon, and night cuppa, and you would not believe some of the transgressions I have witnessed.

10. indigo bunting - April 14, 2009

Joya, I love this comment, both for the solidarity and because I’m learning more about your life. I’ll bet you could write quite the crazy blog post based on that last bit of information.

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