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Jumpy April 17, 2009

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I’ve been feeling somewhat anxious this week. Not exactly sure why. It could be the general state of the world. It could be that my Alleged New Project may have hit an unexpected bump. Maybe it’s spring fever.

It could also be chemical: I’ve been ingesting more caffeine than usual. Tim got home Sunday night. I had finished up the last of that brewed coffee in the morning, and it wasn’t quite enough, so I made a fresh French press. I had a cup and saved the rest.

Of course, with Tim home, there’s fresh coffee every morning. So that meant the refrigerated coffee was extra coffee. Extra coffee that, when iced, made an excellent accompaniment to my daily postlunch homemade Easter egg. Made by Tim’s mother. Peanut butter or coconut covered in chocolate.

“How many do you want?” he’d asked me on the phone.

“Eighteen,” I joked.

He brought fourteen. Fourteen.

So every afternoon has started with an Easter egg and an iced coffee.

And I’ve been a bit jumpy.

Today, in my jumpiness, I got fed up with waiting by the phone like a schoolgirl to hear what happened at yesterday’s launch meeting for the Alleged New Project. So I decided to take a power walk on the rail trail, out to that little bridge that runs over the creek. Maybe 3 miles round trip. Maybe.

I grabbed the binoculars, of course, and did get mightily distracted at the Swampy Place when I heard what I am pretty darn sure was a bobolink mixed in with all those red-winged blackbirds and a couple of peepers. The sound was otherworldly. (A Swampy Place seems like a weird hangout for a bobolink, although it is right next to the fields where bobolinks often are.) I couldn’t get a visual for the life of me. So I continued on, walking briskly, watching a bird here or there, til I got to the bridge. The one that runs over the little stream.

A secret: I like to use the side rails of this small bridge as a ballet barre, as it is just about the right height. Upon arrival, I like to throw a leg up onto the barre (throw, not lift, as I am no ballerina and could never get into that position in a controlled fashion) and stretch out my hamstring. First one leg, then the other. It feels good. I stretch, I watch the stream.

This time, there was a rustling below me. I saw something moving in the brush. At first I thought it was a large bird, maybe a duck (it was about that size, it seemed, but a duck would have flushed long ago). Maybe a woodcock? Not likely, but a girl can hope. I lowered a leg and raised the binoculars. Something brownish and furry. Mammalian.

I couldn’t get a good look, but I kept my binoculars on it. If what I was seeing was its head, maybe it was an otter. I was hopeful. But it could also be a muskrat. Muskrats are cool too.

I waited.

It moved around a lot, and the more of it that I got into my line of sight, the more convinced I was that it was an otter.

Then it moved out of the brush into the clearing below the bridge, with intentions of moving under it. We spotted each other at the same time. Otter! Human!

It made a sort of hissy noise at me and took cover. It hissed a bit more. I heard a splash, and in record time it was bounding along the opposite bank. It would take cover, then poke its head out and stare at me. Hiss.

It was exactly the type of reaction an otter should have when encountering something like me.

I moved along. Back at home, still no word on the Alleged New Project.

I think I’ll go to Aaron’s Pilates class.


1. Eulalia (Lali) Benejam Cobb - April 17, 2009

Iced coffee and Easter eggs! Otter encounters! Such a life you lead, Indigo.

2. Dona - April 17, 2009

Otter! cool.

We saw two run across the road in my SIL’s subdivision from one pond to another. Amazing. First otter ever. (except the ones in the zoos)

3. helen - April 18, 2009

I am envious of your eggs. And otter sighting. The fresh coffee I can easily get.

I do hope the Alleged New Project soon drops that first descriptor.

4. Joya - April 18, 2009

Otters! There is a family that lives in the pond at my father’s house. You can sit at the kitchen table and watch them playing in the water less than 50 yards away. Too cool.

Also, thanks to that site you linked to, I have discovered the source of a really weird bird call I’ve been hearing lately. It’s a brown-headed cowbird and its voice sounds exactly like a leaky faucet.

Best of luck with regards to the ANP!

5. Bridgett - April 18, 2009

Otters hiss. Huh.

I also envy your easter eggs.

6. Mali - April 19, 2009

I’m envious that you can eat all those eggs and still be slim and gorgeous!

Otters. Another world.

7. indigo bunting - April 19, 2009

B: I looked up whether otters hiss to be sure I could really call it that. Others have called it that. I apparently can make all sorts of things hiss (https://indigobunting.wordpress.com/2008/06/17/turtles-in-the-rain/).

E: Right back at ya.

D: Yay!

H: Perhaps will have update on ANP tomorrow. We shall see.

J: I envy you your otter viewing spot! Way too cool. And yes, Cornell site is great. I see BHCs often enough, but now I’m going to go check out their call.

M: Slim and gorgeous, eh? That Christine is a master photographer is all I can say. You should see me right now, frumpy in sweats, greasy hair, glasses, eyes barely open… Having been a chubby child, I’ll never think of myself as “slim,” but I can guarantee you that without my workout addiction, things would be quite different. And being an American woman, I’ll never think of myself as “gorgeous” either. But I am trying to learn to let go and say thank you. Thank you! (And your “another world” fascinates me too.)

8. Craig (Maito Sewa Yoleme) - April 21, 2009

I once had a similar encouter—your human/mammalian stand-off—with a Marten. There was, however, no hissing involved.

My brother gets regular visits from a river otter at the manufactured lake behind his home.

9. indigo bunting - April 24, 2009

Lucky you. Lucky bro.

10. Adam Byrn Tritt - April 25, 2009

I drink coffee when Lee or Craig makes it. That’s it. When Craig makes it, I drink it fresh. When lee makes it, I put the leftover coffee, and she makes it for the smell so there is always plenty leftover, in the fridge to mix with cocoa powder and almond milk later.

Lately, I have been doing this too much. Jumpy.

She is away this weekend at a conference. No coffee.

No Lee. No coffee. No jumpyness. Jumpiness? Jumpy-ness?

I must start pouring it down the drain instead of into a cup.

11. LisaS - April 30, 2009

mark another one jealous of the eggs. yes, i’m chemically jumpy too: antihistamines laced with sudafed, and way too much iced tea. makes spring more … vibrant. might make everything hiss, too. *but turtles do hiss.*

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