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A Series of Things: The Bronzed Shoe June 30, 2009

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I live in an old Victorian house with an old Victorian coal-burning fireplace (which sadly will never function as a real fireplace). The fireplace is tiled and topped with a tall tiered and mirrored mantelpiece. Said mantelpiece is crowded with stuff, in true Victorian fashion: photographs of my ancestors, a shadowbox containing the fly on which I caught my first trout, an empty turtle shell, a duck on bike, a miniature sandhill crane replica (made from chicken feathers, I think), and a bronzed baby shoe.

A single bronzed shoe.

One might think that this shoe is one that I used to wear or one that some other relative used to wear. But one would be mistaken.

Awhile back I was visiting Brad at his antique shop just a few feet off Route 153. Brad has interesting things. And interesting ways. He picks up on his customer’s essence and uses it to his advantage. He is a good salesman.

I picked up the shoe.

Like many people, I find baby shoes adorable and interesting. This, despite my lack of any desire to have someone who could fit such a shoe be a regular resident of my household.

It wasn’t expensive, but it was priced high enough to make me think twice. I mean, why would I want a single bronzed baby shoe? What could possibly make me think that I needed such a thing?

“That,” Brad said, his tone conspiratorial, “belonged to a one-legged baby.”



1. Bridgett - June 30, 2009


2. Joya - June 30, 2009

The one-legged baby story would have sucked me into buying that shoe, too.

Now, the duck on a bike piques my interest as well. There has to be a story there.

3. Wayne - June 30, 2009

Is this shop called ‘Needful Things’ by any chance?

4. Mali - June 30, 2009

LOL! Oh, I SOOOO want to visit your house and Route 153.

5. Craig (Maito Sewa Yoleme) - July 1, 2009

I miss Bradford so much. Any new collages?

6. helen - July 1, 2009

He is good!

7. indigobunting - July 2, 2009

B: We’ll never know.

J: Glad there’s a fellow faintly macabre person out there.

W: I’ve never read Stephen King. Too scared. But tempting, eh?

M: And I sooooo want to visit your house (the amazing windows looking at amazing trees) and, well, your entire country.

C: I haven’t seen any new collages.

H: Yes. Yes he is.

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