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Confession July 30, 2009

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

I know many of my friends would disapprove. After all, this is the summer of everyday Rain. But last night, when Rain arrived on Route 153 with such strength, self-assurance, and swagger, I climbed the stairs and went to bed with him. For well more than an hour, his performance didn’t waver—it was practically tropical. When at last he let up a bit, I fell asleep in his arms, comforted by his aural caresses.

Just before dawn, Rain woke me up. There for awhile, he was as intense as last night, but his endurance fell within more normal limits. The sweetness of it all made me want to stay forever in perpetual bliss of Rain/slumber/Rain/slumber/Rain.

No doubt there are many who were hurt by last night’s selfish show of force. Please, don’t encourage him, my friends would beg.

So I’m taking a few days off. I’m leaving town, heading east. While I’m away, I don’t even want to think about him. To prove my determination, or maybe as an act of faith, I will pack sunscreen. It’s time to save my skin.


1. bridgett - July 30, 2009

Ah, rain. Did you get a little lightning?

2. Craig (Maito Sewa Yoleme) - July 30, 2009

How will a Summer of Rain affect Leaf Season?

3. indigobunting - July 30, 2009

B, no lightning, C, I don’t know.

4. mm - July 30, 2009

Now I’m all hot…

5. Eulalia (Lali) Benejam Cobb - July 30, 2009

In a dry summer, the leaves tend to turn brown and drop. I’m hoping that all this rain will turn the green into flaming reds and oranges. It should be a glorious fall! And Indigo, I know what you mean about falling asleep to the sound of rain. I insist on leaving the bedroom windows open, even if it means wet windowsills.

6. bettyslocombe - July 31, 2009

Rain has deserted us , possibly for ever, except for the occasional derisory and impotent dribble: tell us your seductive secrets, oh strumpet.

7. helen - July 31, 2009

You know, he’s been cheating on you with a whole swack of others. Why, today he promised he’d spend time with me so I’m taking the day off and lying in bed in anticipation (I hope last night’s performance didn’t wear him out).

8. Dona Patrick - August 1, 2009

Rain has been scarce here in the DC metro area this summer, but he gently knocked on my attic windows yesterday and I let him in for some afternoon delight.

9. Deloney - August 2, 2009

The rain hit on me yesterday afternoon but I had to tell him I was straight.

10. Adam Byrn Tritt - August 4, 2009

Well done. A joy to read silently (and I did so thrice) and then aloud.

11. damyantig - August 4, 2009

And here I am muttering “Rain, rain go away!”

Wish I had read this earlier. And now to scroll down and read all the posts I missed.

12. indigo bunting - August 5, 2009

Strumpet that I am, it would appear that Helen is right and that Rain’s been cheating on me. Sometimes one’s friends are right. Sounds like Del broke his heart, though…

Why Adam, I’m blushing.

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