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High on the Hill Lived a Lali Goatherd September 30, 2009

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These days, when I turn off Route 153 onto Lali’s long driveway, I see that her house and land look exactly like the drawing that graces her blog title (My Green Vermont). It’s almost as if I can see the landscape change to art and back again, like a special effect in a movie. (I wonder what my Subaru and I look like when this happens?)

I was at her place Saturday to meet Bisou, the new Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy, and to gawk at the very pregnant Blossom, a Nigerian dwarf goat. Blossom’s twins were born about as early on Monday as a goat can be born, and it took me til today—Wednesday!—to visit.

They are indeed the smallest goats I have ever seen (photo/birth description available here and  here). Lali plopped the younger right into my arms, a nuzzly, affectionate little thing the size of small cat. The elder wasn’t interested in having anything to do with me. I did not take it personally.

Blossom was busy with being a mom. Alsiki, Blossom’s nulliparous sister, seemed especially in need of affection, which I was happy to give. Virginia Slim, the milker, perhaps being distracted by all the company, was not being mean to Alsiki. Alsiki and Virginia Slim were both interested in chewing on parts of my jacket. It was a lovely visit.

Baby goats: Is there anything softer or cuter? I think not.


1. Craig (Maito Sewa Yoleme) - October 1, 2009

The title alone is worth the price of admission. Superb.

2. Eulalia (Lali) Benejam Cobb - October 1, 2009

Indigo, you know the reason I keep getting all these baby animals is so you’ll come drool over them….

3. Jennifer - October 2, 2009

Friends of ours have goats (and various groupings of baby goats). I love their knocky-kneed scrambling, and their “all elbows” snuggling in your lap.

4. indigobunting - October 2, 2009

Jennifer! How are you? I need to get back your site soon…

5. helen - October 7, 2009

Oh yes, the title is fabulous. I’m inspired to yodel. And get some baby goats.

6. indigo bunting - October 7, 2009

Helen, your neighbors are going to LOVE you.

7. laurie - October 11, 2009

golly i want to see those goats. i love baby anythings. even snakes.

8. indigobunting - October 11, 2009

Especially snakes!

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