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Mrs. S (for me, 2006–2009, when he suddenly tells me that he) October 29, 2009

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has left the ether
“definitively” and I’m

I rush to hope, but no—it’s


1. indigobunting - October 29, 2009

See his comment under my last post, “What Mali Said,.” Note his request. I’m sad:

Hi Indigo: I love you all dearly but I am withdrawing from the ether definitively. Pass the word. No correspondence please. mwah/

2. Dona - October 29, 2009

That’s one thing about the Internet that I’ve always found disturbing. Disturbing is not really the right word — but I cannot think of a better one right now.

We get to know people (or at least we get to know what people want us to know) and then they can disappear in an instant, either because they choose to do so or because the “place” we know them from closes down and we don’t have any other means in which to communicate with them.

It is like someone has died, or in the case of online communities, like an entire neighborhood has been wiped out and, like a death, takes time to recover from it.

So sorry for your loss, IB. I didn’t read Mrs. S’s posts, but did get a kick out of his comments on some blogs I read.

3. Bridgett - October 29, 2009

Huh. I have been reading him almost as long as I’ve been reading you or so many others. Dona’s right. The internet does strange things. That’s too bad about Mrs. S. When he would comment on my blog it was like “oh, I must have done something right.”

4. helen - October 29, 2009

Well, it’s a lovely eulogy Indigo. And I second what Dona said so well.

5. laurie - October 29, 2009

not sure who mrs. s. is, or why she is a he.

but i hate when people i know through the web just up and disappear.

6. Mali - October 31, 2009

OMG. I’ve been wondering the last few days why I couldn’t get into Mrs S’s blog, and was about to do a shout out to him.

I feel bereft.

7. indigo bunting - October 31, 2009

Mali: We shall wear black.

8. LisaS - November 5, 2009

i shall wear black with you; he will be missed. when is the official day of mourning?

9. Deloney - November 15, 2009

No crying here. If he treats his RL friends as he treats us, then fuck him. And I’ve quoted him to my RL friends many times because his writing is brilliant. But courtesy and friendship is more important than writing. Hi Pete. Grow up and be kind to your friends. They don’t live forever.

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