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The Pie That Was Baked by Mistake October 30, 2009

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My parents are coming to visit me and my sister for a long weekend, and yesterday I was out running some preparatory errands. I wanted a pie—an apple pie, maybe, if I could find one that looked good. Apple (in my humble opinion) can be trickier than other pies.

On a whim, on my way to the gym, I stopped at T’s. T is a most excellent piemaker. In fact, T makes the best coconut cream pie I have ever had. Her business has moved several times and taken on several incarnations over the years for a variety of reasons. You used to be able to go and pick a pie out of the refrigerator or order one made, but now (I was pretty sure) if you wanted a pie, you had to order it. As the gym is practically across from T’s, it was worth checking out to be sure.

I asked if she had any pies. No, pies must be ordered. But, she said hesitatingly, I do have one pie that I baked by mistake.

Baked by mistake? I, who have never even attempted a crust on my own, could not imagine circumstances under which something like this could possibly occur.

When the woman called, I thought she wanted the pie today, T explained. But she was making an order for Thanksgiving.

What kind is it? I asked.

Strawberry rhubarb.

Hmmmm. I like strawberry rhubarb. I imagine T makes a good strawberry rhubarb. Is it for sale?


So now I am the proud owner of a pie baked by mistake. It’s not the pie I was planning to have. But it’s found a home.


1. Wayne - October 30, 2009

A serendipitous strawberry-rhubarb pie? You live in heaven.

2. helen - October 30, 2009

I love you Indigo (I know, my second declaration), and your stories.

3. laurie - October 30, 2009

yum. who has rhubarb this time of year?
i don’t make apple pie, but i do make apple crisp. easier. and oh so good. and you can tell yourself that all that oatmeal makes it healthy.

4. Dona - October 31, 2009

Stawberry-rhubarb in October is a real treat! Enjoy!

5. Dona - October 31, 2009


6. indigo bunting - October 31, 2009

Helen: As you stated, one can never hear it enough!

And as for rhubarb in October (and strawberries), this did in fact make me hesitate, but I decided to go forth in faith. We’ll find out tonight if it’s any good!

7. Mali - October 31, 2009

A delicious mistake indeed.

8. Craig (Maito Sewa Yoleme) - November 6, 2009

Well????? How was it?

9. indigo bunting - November 6, 2009

Very good. Highly edible. But I don’t think it necessarily achieved greatness.

10. Craig (Maito Sewa Yoleme) - November 8, 2009

So it wasn’t where pies go to die, then? Did you at least have some damn fine coffee?

11. indigo bunting - November 8, 2009

Not that late at night!

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