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A Compliment, But… November 2, 2009

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I recently received this e-mail from a friend relating a dinner conversation with his wife and son (names have been changed [obviously]):

Oh, the looks I got from Zelda tonight at dinner. Scott said, “Dad, the garlic bread is really good, but the crust is a little too crunchy.” Zelda said, “Scott, you should never use but in a compliment.” Of course I added, “Unless the compliment is, ‘Hey, nice butt!’” Scott thought this hilarious. Needless to say, Zelda did not.


1. Eulalia (Lali) Benejam Cobb - November 2, 2009

I realize it’s against the spirit of this post to take it seriously, but oh, if my early compliments had had not “buts,” what a different person I might be today.

2. Eulalia (Lali) Benejam Cobb - November 2, 2009

I meant “no ‘buts.'”

3. Wayne - November 2, 2009

Lali – That would have been a fine post, but you made a minor error. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

By the way, Indigo, was that an intentional Fitzgerald reference?

4. Dona - November 2, 2009

Interesting moral — and one I’ll pass on to my kids, Daisy & Nick.

And what was F. Scott’s first name anyway?

5. Wayne - November 3, 2009

Dona – I believe his full name was Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald.

6. indigo bunting - November 3, 2009

Wayne, yes, it was arbitrary but deliberate. And you’re right about his full name.

7. helen - November 3, 2009

Oh those Fitzgeralds. Even their small talk is not.

8. indigo bunting - November 3, 2009

Lali, I meant to note a shiver of recognition to your statement!

Helen: Indeed.

9. laurie - November 7, 2009

zelda had a fine butt. and she knew it. and i don’t think she would mind a bit if people pointed it out.

but…i get your point.

10. indigo bunting - February 5, 2010

Laurie—and I get yours!

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