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Outside January 3, 2010

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

At long last, the winter gods have turned their heads toward Parts West and blessed us with snow, the right kind of snow, the kind that makes us want to go out and play.

Two days after Christmas, it was 40°F. I took a walk on our beloved rail trail. Too early for January thaw, the world was giving it a try anyway. It smelled like March, all muddy in places, the late-afternoon light breathtakingly beautiful and warming. Ducks flew over me in twos and threes, then met up to fly together in a flock of forty or fifty over the puddly field, eventually splashing into a nearby bend of river to spend the night.

The next day it snowed. Tim and I took the same walk. The world was utterly changed.

A little snow fell here and there through New Year’s Eve, but by New Year’s Day, things were getting more serious. It has been snowing almost nonstop for two days.

Yesterday we loaded our snowshoes into the car and drove down Route 153 a few miles. We met up with friends, slapped on our shoes, and took a glorious hike through fields, over hills, past a long-neglected apple orchard and a well-tended sugarbush. Shayne, the border collie, looked her most absolute beautiful running through nearly (to her) chest-deep drifts, snowspray surrounding her black-and-white agility like a halo. We ran down a long hill, leaning back into our snowshoes, practically bouncing. Snowflakes kept getting in my eyes, sticking to my lashes. I opened my mouth, thinking that a much bigger surface area would collect more flakes than my eyes could. It was only a theory.

Today we took to the rail trail for our first cross-country ski of the season. Heading into New York the trail is sheltered by trees, including lots of evergreens. When it’s snowing, it’s a journey through a magical corridor.

I’m tired now. And it’s still snowing.


1. Susan - January 3, 2010

My first thought was, I want more pictures! And then I realized you had given them to me.

2. Helen - January 3, 2010

We got that magical snowfall too… yippee! Great picture, is it you?

3. indigobunting - January 3, 2010

‘Tis moi.

4. Dona - January 3, 2010

Sounds like you had fun. Glad you are enjoying your snow.

5. Wayne - January 3, 2010

Snow white across grey wool.
Lightly touched trees fade
As a smile dances pinkly
On a face that draws all color to it.

6. Susan - January 4, 2010

Okay, Wayne, add that to your book manuscript.

7. indigo bunting - January 4, 2010

Different Wayne, I believe, but one who should be blogging.

8. Susan - January 4, 2010

You know, I wondered about that as I posted. But my suggestion still stands. 🙂

9. indigo bunting - January 4, 2010

Susan, I think you’re making the right suggestion!

10. Bridgett - January 4, 2010

Jealous. Jeal. Ous. Here it is freezing but dry as a bone.

11. Helen - January 5, 2010

You look completely different from the mental image I had formed of you.

12. indigo bunting - January 5, 2010

And Helen, I’m not sure that one can even tell what I look like in this photo. For a better idea, you may have to join Facebook (although I don’t think this is the only photo of me in this blog). For the record, few people ever look like the mental image I had formed of them. Take you, for instance. You set me up for something completely different from what I eventually saw in some photos…and now I am completely intimidated by your beauty!

13. Eulalia (Lali) Benejam Cobb - January 6, 2010

Yes, Indigo, that snow was just like you said.

14. Mali - January 6, 2010

Gorgeous photo! I am so jealous. Guess I’ll just have to go swim instead of walk in the snow.

15. Bridgett - January 8, 2010

That is so true about Helen, IB. I had total cat lady image in mind and was shocked when we saw her current hair picture. Shocked.

16. laurie - January 10, 2010

what a gorgeous picture.

17. Helen - January 12, 2010

Oh Indigo, you flatterer… I am afraid if you and Bridgett met me in person you might be shocked again, but perhaps in the other direction. Anyways, enough said, to gorgeous pictures and women!

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