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The Cut Balsam: A Lengthy Afterlife January 24, 2010

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December 5: Purchase cut balsam to act as holiday tree. Place in tree stand in living room. String lights around it (eventually—see previous blog entry), just in time to host dinner party.

December 6: Trim tree.

December 5–January 10: Allow tree to stand through twelve days of Christmas, Epiphany, and dinner party on 9th for friend turning 70. Plan to take tree down on 10th to haul to neighbor’s tree-burning party.

January 10: Collapse in heap after tasks of dinner party and hosting houseguests for weekend. Turn on tree lights and read on couch.

January 11–15: Plan to remove ornaments one night after work before next weekend full o’ houseguests. Allow self to be dissuaded by combination of laziness, fatigue, and husband claiming niece and nephew might like to see ornaments, despite lateness of season.

January 15–18: Houseguests. Tree still stands.

January 20: After work, remove ornaments.

January 22: After work, remove lights.

January 23: Take tree to transfer station, where we believe it will be mulched. Subjected to ridicule by friends as we make stop at post office, tree lashed to roof of car.

January 23–???: Vacuum furiously and transfer holiday boxes to attic.

Balsam’s afterlife on Route 153: Eight weeks

Moniker choices: Crazy Tree Lady, Lazy Tree Lady


1. Eulalia Benejam Cobb (Lali) - January 24, 2010

Because I am in terror of what you have just described, I take down our tree the MINUTE our Christmas company departs.

2. indigobunting - January 24, 2010

Lali: I think I may have been making up for years and years of no tree at all.

3. laurie - January 24, 2010

what’s crazy about that? (asks the other crazy tree lady.)

our next-door-neighbors still have their tree up, still turn the lights on at night. but i think it must be artificial.

4. Helen - January 25, 2010

I leave my Christmas lights up (and turn them on) until somewhere around the end of February. I applaud your non-efforts to extend the Christmas season.

5. Mali - January 25, 2010

I’m like Helen. I’m always disappointed when I have to take down the tree. Of course, lights here at Christmastime are a bit pointless. By the time it’s dark I’m ready to go to bed.

6. indigo bunting - January 26, 2010

I have the Christmas boxes in the upstairs hall because the chili pepper lights, which run the length of the entire banister, are still up. I love the glow of them.

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