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Seven Deadly Sins Against Blogging February 23, 2010

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

Sloth. Hey, the Olympic Games are on TV tonight! (Besides, I just don’t feel like writing.)

Lust. Maybe I should have sex. Or watch sexy people on TV. (The latter may actually be more akin to sloth [see above].)

Gluttony. Is that the smell of sautéed onions wafting upstairs from the kitchen to my office? And what is that sweet, familiar, come-hither sound—a cocktail shaker? Gotta go!

Greed. Someone’s got to pay for those onions and martinis. And all those other things I want. Better work on something that pays. I have real deadlines, my friend.

Wrath. I hate how boring and lame I am. There’s nothing to write about. Great, now I’m depressed too. God, I hate that.

Pride. If I can’t write a better-than-mediocre entry, I might as well not write anything at all.

Envy. I wish I could write as well as the bloggers I read. They can really write.


1. Craig (Maito Sewa Yoleme) - February 24, 2010

My seven aren’t all that different from yours, except mine are inexpressibly more boring (not Olympics but sitcoms, not sex but Internet porn, not sautéed onions and cocktails but cookies and wine-in-a-box, etc.). The envy thing, though, we agree on.

2. Bridgett - February 24, 2010

envy: I wish I’d written this.

3. Dona - February 24, 2010


Please Blog IB. I need you.

4. Mali - February 24, 2010

Sloth: Largely drug induced at the moment. And lack of sleep.
Lust: I think I love IB
Gluttony: I can’t get enough of IB.
Greed: I had a large contract deliverable yesterday. Today I invoice. Then rest.
Wrath: I hate it when IB thinks she’s boring, or without talent.
Pride: I want people to think I have a life, so can’t blog all the time.
Envy: I wish I’d said what Bridgett said, before she said it (see pride).

5. Helen - February 26, 2010

The 10 commandments

1.Thou shalt have no other bloggers above thyself (unless thou art engaging in lustful activity).
2.Thou shalt not make for thyself too many martinis between the hours of 9 am and 12 pm.
3.Thou shalt not take the name of Mediocrity in vain.
4.Thou shalt remember to keep Olympic days holy, and to refrain blogging at those times.
5.Thou shalt honour the mother of invention and the father of deadlines.
6.Thou shalt not kill (unless thouest spot an adjective or a pun).
7.Thou shalt not commit adultery, even vicariously through sexy TV stars.
8.Thou shalt not steal thouest’s own thunder.
9.Thou shalt not bear false witness against thouest’s talent.
10.Thou shalt not covet thy fellow blogger’s sauteed onions, nor their camelabilia, nor their fire escapes, nor their perfect powdery snow, nor their pasta puttanesca, nor their voyages (exception made for Mali, thou mayest covet her trips), nor their goats, nor their gold-medal women’s hockey team (and maybe men’s too? We shall see…).

6. LisaS - February 26, 2010

love it! including Helen’s Decalogue #3, which is becoming my facebook status.

7. indigo bunting - February 26, 2010

Mali: I think I love you too. For the record.

Helen: I was fuming about something when I got back to the computer to check my email, etc., and found this list, whereupon I burst into laughter. As always, thank you. I’m wondering why you haven’t posted this list at your blog. I want everyone to see it (and I wish I’d written it, of course), so I may repost it more visibly.

Lisa: And maybe mantra…and I’m wondering how one might become your FB friend. (But don’t worry—I get boundaries.)

8. LisaS - February 26, 2010

i haven’t boundaries for you, dear indigo. check bridget’s FB friends for Lisas … i am (for once) the only one. and if not that, you have my email addy.

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