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Free at Last March 11, 2010

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

The Sears repair guy shows up early enough that by lunchtime I am no longer slave to house and telephone. It is raining—it is warm enough to rain!—and I grab my chocolate-brown raincoat, the one I bought last season, the one I didn’t really need (just wanted). Out into rain I rush, to the dry cleaner, to the gym, to the general store to pick up those pizza crusts. Oh, sweet pizza tonight at last, for after two long weeks, my oven is fixed.


1. Mali - March 11, 2010

Mmm, I’m thinking pizza tonight too. But I’ve got Hells Pizza on Speed dial.

Happy baking!

2. Helen - March 12, 2010

Hungry now (even though it’s almost 11 pm. Or maybe because of that).

Mali, is their delivery vehicle called Hells on Wheels?

3. Mali - March 14, 2010

Helen, no but it should be. Their toll free (0800) number is 666 though.

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