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Daffodil Favors April 21, 2010

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Tim almost always gives me daffodils for my birthday. I like their bright yellow promise of spring, even though, in early March, we in Vermont still have a lot of winter to get through.

Last October, unbeknownst to me, Tim took bulbs from the daffodils he’d bought that year and planted them in front of the house. Not many of them—but they were my belated birthday present. He didn’t mention them until right before he left on this long business trip at the beginning of April, when the first of them started pushing their way through the ground. Stems only.

They were a little behind the established daffodils around us. On the day I left, the first one was beginning to show signs of its flower. So when I got to Portland, I asked our sweet neighbor Lynda if she could take a couple of photos of them, as I was surely going to miss them completely.

And last night, after dinner, I opened up Facebook and there Lynda had posted this daffodil photo:

Apparently the position she needed to put herself in to take such a photo provoked friendly cat calls and whistles from the neighbors across the street.
She is a good friend. And now I get to see my birthday present full bloom!


1. Mali - April 21, 2010

What a good friend!

2. Dona - April 21, 2010

Ah, daffodils. Lovely. And a good friend, indeed!

3. Helen - April 21, 2010

You know all the right people Indigo.

4. LisaS - April 23, 2010

daffadils are, no kidding, my favorite flower, ever since i was a little girl and we went out to this country church that had fields upon fields of them, and it was pure magic. as a teen, as the darkness of winter began to take over my soul as well as the weather pattern, their sunny heads rising out of the soil were my first indication that i’d done it, survived the winter, again.

so i appreciate your birthday present.

even though all of our daffadils are wilted and gone.

5. Lali - April 26, 2010

How industrious of Tim to dig up, clean, save and then replant those bulbs!

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