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Gym Followup May 14, 2010

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It has been 16 days since my beloved gym closed its doors. I was incredibly impressed by how quickly Lali took matters into her own hands and bought an exercise bike within about a week. I immediately got back on my NordicTrack elliptical cross-trainer, which is beginning to show some signs of wear. I hope it lives, because it would not be a good time for me to have to replace it.

I got the news on a Friday (because I was away, wearing crazy shoes). The next Tuesday, when I went into town (i.e., a town a half-hour away, home to my largest client and where I attend staff meetings), I toured the new gym there. It’s quite nice. I can’t buy a membership, because I refuse to be in the car an hour to work out an hour. That’s just crazy. But I get to that town once or twice a week, so I checked out their drop-in fees and deals. Their day rate is $15 (plus tax), but if I buy twenty, I can get the day rate down to $10 ($200 plus tax). (Why this plus-tax? I didn’t have to deal with that at my gym.)

Then I worked out at home every day.

Until Monday, when I at long last attended a yoga class in Parts (not to be confused with Parts West), about 12 minutes away. It’s one I’d meaning to get to for more than a year, but between my gym membership and the timing of the classes and not wanting to spend even more money, I hadn’t made it. As I suspected, the class seemed just the right level for me, so I bought six classes and will likely go on Mondays.

The next day, Tuesday, I went to the half-hour-away gym and paid the day rate, which with plus-tax is $16.05, which seems like a very high price to pay to work out, but I wanted to be sure I liked the place before committing any further. They have good cardio machines. They have individual TVs. They have a good weight room, and I was alone in it almost the entire time I was there, which gave me opportunity to figure out the equipment without too many people laughing at my bewilderment. They have classes, but I haven’t taken one yet. They have a couple of nice showers, which I had to check out too, because after all, I was heading to the office after, AND I had just paid $16.05, so I had to experience everything I possibly could.

It’s lovely, but it has a completely different feel to it. It feels much snootier than my gym, but it’s in a much snootier town. I’m sure I can grow to really really like it, because really, what’s not to like? But it doesn’t feel like home.

Once I plunk down my $214, I have a year to make the twenty visits, which should be absolutely no problem for moi, even at once a week or less. I still have a “free class” coupon that maybe I should try to use before plunking.

L., with whom I’d been PNF stretching, had called while I was in New York to say I could still have stretching sessions, just at his house instead. I’d been in such mourning I hadn’t called him back—instead, I called a friend who is learning reflexology and signed up for three sessions with him (again, something I’d been meaning to do but was too busy with the gym and the PNF stretching). L. called again Monday, and I called him back and told him he could reach me Wednesday, and he called me Thursday. Now, here’s another story about how nice these people are: He told me that they had figured out how much of a monetary credit I had til my membership would have run out, and they will apply that to my stretching sessions. They are really trying to make things right with people (but how can they afford to do that?).

So I’ll call L. back next week after I figure out things with the reflexologist-in-training. (He needs to work on thirty people three times each as part of his training, and the rate is good—any other takers?) And maybe I’ll figure out a time to take a free class at the gym. And then maybe I’ll buy twenty day passes. And I’ll do yoga on Mondays. And the ice rink will open up again this summer (in the same town as the gym). And maybe, sometimes, I’ll get to go outside and walk and hike. And eventually it will all be fine.

But I’m still sad. I really miss my gym.


1. Lali - May 14, 2010

I’m happy to say that we too got a call from the former gym people doing their best to make up the membership money we had invested. It would have made a much better impression if they had mentioned this on the piece of paper they posted saying they’d closed. Of course that’s just PR. But I’m glad to see that they’re honest folks after all.

And life goes on….

2. helen - May 15, 2010

I would love to be a reflexology guinea pig, but travelling 8 hours for a 1 hour session seems a bit insane.

3. indigo bunting - May 20, 2010

Helen: Your attitude is as bad as mine is.

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