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Denial Anger Bargaining Depression Acceptance June 23, 2010

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Buy me a flute
And a gun that shoots
Tailgates and substitutes
Strap yourself
To the tree with roots
You ain’t goin’ nowhere

OK. It’s official. I’m staying home this summer.

I mean, we’ve got to pay for these house repair/maintenance projects. And Tim’s getting ready for an art show in the fall with our friend Sue, so he has to stay home and paint on the weekends, or there will be no show. And he’s suffering the effects of a running injury anyway, so it’s not like he could be superactive if we did have a chance to go out and play.

It’s simply reality.

We just got back from a fast trip to Pennsylvania to visit family and fly fish with my step-father-in-law. Before we left the Responsibility of Home, I had fished once this season. Away, I went four times: Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday night, Sunday morning. I hadn’t been outside so much in ages. You know what? It makes me happy.

After we got home and unpacked on Monday, we got on our bikes. Made it last a little longer.

Now we’re back in the office. I just committed to a big book project.

I need to make Vermont work for me, but it’s hard when Vermont is the place where all the chores and all the work and all the tasking hang out at your place and wave at you all the time.

My canoe and my bike and my fly rod need to learn that art of obnoxious insistence.

Oh Northbrook, my no-matter-what for twenty-two summers, I miss you.

Vermont, we need to talk. Better yet, let’s do everything but talk.



1. Bridgett - June 23, 2010

Love that song.

I’m having the same summer. Except it’s been 90+ for two weeks now, which I assume isn’t true for you.

2. Mali - June 24, 2010

You need to have a vacation at home. Take a week (or two) off – once you’ve finished the book project, if you can. And do everything you’d like to do but don’t usually get around to it. Or everything you’d suggest a visitor do in your area if you were to do a house swap with someone. Be a tourist on Route 153.

Rules: No chores, no work, no checking work email (blogging and facebook allowed).

3. indigo bunting - June 24, 2010

Mali: Tim suggested the very same last night. Maybe we can figure out a week in August. Here’s hoping.

B: I love that song too. But usually I focus on “Tomorrow’s the day my bride’s gonna come.”

It’s been hot off and on, but not that hot. Muggy. Hasn’t hit the mid-90s like it did a few weeks ago.

4. helen - June 24, 2010

Camping is cheap… would a week of that be manageable?

5. Dona - June 24, 2010

I honestly would not mind a summer were we stayed put.

You know, your folks would love to see you and then you could drive an extra hour visit Cedar Waxwing.

6. indigo bunting - June 24, 2010

Actually, you’re wrong about the folks wanting me to visit. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to see you. (Just maybe not summer in DC…which has nothing to do with my desire to see you!)

7. Lali - June 25, 2010

At home vacations–I’ve never managed one. I’m with Helen. Find a place to camp and go!

8. Susan - June 26, 2010

I always sang it, “Tomorrow’s the day my man’s gonna come.” I guess it depends on who you heard it by first.

Glad you got to go fishing! Tomorrow I’m driving up to the Catskills to visit my cousin Dave, his daughter and grandchildren. Dave is a fly fisherman who just came home from a fishing trip to Wyoming. Driving up to the Catskills is about as far as I want to go. I love to drive, but I also love to stay put. Enjoy your summer!

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