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A Portrait of Not Me/Not Route 153 July 23, 2010

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

She is running. Her runningwear is color coordinated. As she runs, she pushes a baby carriage with a very young person in it. She looks like she might be pregnant again. Both her hands are firmly on the handlebars. There is a cell phone lodged between her ear and her neck. She is talking. Under her left hand is a leash that leads to a large, white, standard poodle. The poodle is running too. The poodle is not on the phone.

Everything she appears to be I am not, but there’s this: We both like exercising on the Eastern Promenade.



1. Lali - July 23, 2010

One of your best–and that’s saying a lot!

2. Mali - July 25, 2010

I agree. Lovely!

3. LisaS - August 11, 2010

OMG! i think i see that same person in my neighborhood. except it’s a blackGreat Dane.

4. Damyanti - August 14, 2010

Send this for a flash fiction contest. You’d win. I’m serious.

5. Jennifer - August 23, 2010

“The poodle is not on the phone.” I love you detailed this. Because a standard poodle could be on the phone. They look like they own cellphones, really. Beautiful writing.

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