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Ghosts September 2, 2010

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I got an e-mail last week from my friend Rosemarie, whom I saw every year at Northbrook Lodge. She, her husband Bill, and her son William have found ways to go back to the area the last two years. Apparently, while they were there this year, her son heard the ghosts of Wayne, Tim, and me, who absolutely haunt the place. They saw other mysterious (but ultimately misleading) sign as well. She writes:

We had a lovely time in the Adirondacks last week, at Brig O’ Doon. William kayaked daily, and last Thursday he returned, telling us he heard what he believed was a recorder playing, and some deep laughter, as he kayaked by the Beech Hill area. Could you guys have been there? Would the “deep laughter” have been Wayne? William thought so.

On Friday, Bill and I took a walk on the Red/Yellow Dot trail and past the meadow (where once you [Indigo], William, and I saw horses many years ago) and continued on a road (where the Paul Smiths College silviculture signs are) which led to Beech Hill. We’d never gone past the meadow before.

We walked onto Beech Hill road, feeling a bit uncomfortable trespassing, hoping just to hug you guys and have a brief chat. We got as far as the red house, and, just beyond it, we saw a tan car with a canoe rack on top and a Vermont license plate. Just past the car, there was a big dog in the road!! Bill said, “I’m not going any farther.” We would have walked past the tan car to see if there were another that looked like yours, but . . . oh well. Dogs truly are a Bug-repellent! [Ed. note: “Bug” is a shortening of Rosemarie’s last name.]

Anyhow, if you were there, I am sorry we missed seeing you. I also hope you will forgive us for stalking you that day. We had no intention of taking a lot of your time, but the thought of seeing you briefly was irresistible! If you were not there, I hope you’ve been having a nice summer.

Alas, Rosemarie, ’twas only our ghosts, who will never, ever leave, but I do hope that we can join them someday… Summers are nice, but a tad hollow without Northbrook and all the friends and beauty that go with it.



1. Lali - September 2, 2010

Um…did you feel that part of you was strangely absent at those times?

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