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Knock September 14, 2010

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

If you drop by unannounced, please knock decisively, something like shave and a haircut, something more than a generic knock knock knock, which will only make me freeze like a hunted game bird and attempt quick camouflage, certain that you’re a Jehovah’s Witness or my knocks-every-day annoying neighbor.


1. Bridgett - September 14, 2010

Being in the city, and therefore close quarters, we warn each other about the jehovahs witnesses. then only one person has to suffer.

2. Lali - September 15, 2010

Those pesky J Witnesses–they even make it up our hill. (And I thought the annoying neighbor had been dealt with?)

3. indigobunting - September 15, 2010

B: Cool.

L: Not until one of us doesn’t live here anymore.

4. Mali - September 15, 2010

I live down a drive. Don’t tend to get people knocking. (I hope I’m not tempting fate).

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