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Some Things I Ate During Three Days in Maryland September 19, 2010

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Three scoops of Hoffman’s coconut chocolate chip ice cream, one scoop of Hoffman’s peach ice cream, Maryland crab soup, Maryland crab eggs Benedict, crab balls, pizza with lump crab meat and Old Bay seasoning, eggs over easy with greasy sides (to combat side effects of late nights [twice]).


1. Craig (Maito Sewa Yoleme) - September 19, 2010

Some days I really, really hate you.

2. Dona - September 19, 2010

Ahhh. Maryland — I’ll see it tomorrow.

3. Lali - September 19, 2010

Yay, Hoffman’s, YAY CRABS! How is Westminster these days? It used to be kind of like Vermont….

4. indigo bunting - September 20, 2010

Craig: Giggle. Dona: Welcome home. Lali: It is so unVermontlike these days, it’s heartbreaking.

I’ve gained 20 pounds and need a decent salad.

5. susan365 - September 20, 2010

And what was the best?

6. Mali - September 20, 2010

Ice-cream and crabs. Sounds perfect.

7. helen - September 21, 2010

Too bad that gym closed.

8. indigo bunting - September 22, 2010

Helen: You ain’t kidding. I worked out yesterday for the first time in a week.

Susan: The coconut chocolate chip ice cream. Hands down.

9. LisaS - September 22, 2010

coconut chocolate chip ice cream? yum.

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