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A Change of Heart February 10, 2011

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

As long as it’s not too cold (too cold for me to enjoy it, too cold for my house to function) or too warm (turning to sleet or ice, turning the snow too sticky to ski on), as long as we don’t have to drive anywhere, this weather makes me happy.

—Me, nine long days ago

Remember all that stay-in-the-moment-and-love-winter stuff I was spouting not long ago? My, how things have changed. It’s a good thing I knew enough to include the above caveats when being so cheerful about it all.

On Saturday, my house began to leak.

We first noticed a sound coming from the front door. The front door is beneath a flat, rubber-roofed porch. Water was dripping in at the top of the door.

While we were dealing with that, the kitchen ceiling began to leak in two places, then four. (The kitchen is below/next to the other flat rubber roof.)

Damn ice dams.

This happened at the end of a thunder and lightning storm—very unusual in winter. It was beautiful, in that I’d never seen lightning illuminate snow like that. The brightness was terrific.

We knew we were having icing problems and had just that day contacted a roofing/snow-ice removal guy, but he wasn’t coming til Tuesday.

So Tim went out on the flat roofs (yes, during a rain storm) to chop away at the ice and at least try to save the kitchen ceiling. We’d shoveled the snow off earlier in the week but hadn’t gotten all the ice.

Eventually the leaking from the ceiling stopped.

But an ice dam on one corner of the house meant a lot of internal bleeding. One corner of the living room ceiling and its wall is stained, as well as one wall of Tim’s studio. We are waiting for them to dry out.

By the time the roofer got here Tuesday, we’d already taken care of most of the things that could be done, and he got rid of the dam in that corner. He couldn’t remove the icicles from the roof because there’s too much chance that slate will come down with them. Sadly, there are no fixes for this problem until spring comes, when some (no doubt expensive) rerouting strategies can be applied to the roof. So we hold our collective breath.

Then last night, as Tim and I were attempting to relax in front of the tube, I kept hearing a sound behind the TV. Sure enough, a window was leaking again.

This morning I’ll see if it’s possible to hammer some ice off the sills on the second floor.

Did I mention that it was below 0°F when I got up this morning?

It’s starting to feel personal.


1. Elizabeth - February 10, 2011

This is a horror story; I’m so sorry.

2. indigobunting - February 10, 2011

E: Well, it could be a lot worse, of course. Nothing’s caved in.

And, the saga continues: I just went to the windows to attempt a hammering on the ice. The ice has frozen the screens into place, so I can’t get to the ice unless I’m willing to sacrifice the screen (am not). Sadly, by the time I get home, the sun will be going down…still, maybe I’ll have a shot then.

3. Bridgett - February 10, 2011

Oh no.

It’s come to the point that I can no longer envision what it is like to have the air be too warm. The electric blanket can be too warm, the fire can be too warm, the water can be too warm, but the air? Impossible.

indigobunting - February 16, 2011

I have quoted this to several people since you said it.

4. Lali - February 10, 2011

Really sorry about all this–and I empathize completely. I’m wondering at what point the roof of the chicken shed is going to collapse on my hens. Our house roof is shingles and the attic is well insulated, so NOTHING has melted. It just keeps piling on. But the weather forecast is predicting a couple of days with highs above freezing next week, so I’m hoping the roof will last until then.

5. Dona - February 10, 2011

Oh no! Ice banishment thoughts headed your way.

It is even cold here in Maryland — but not like it is elsewhere.

6. Mali - February 10, 2011

Awful! I love having my own house. I hate it when things go wrong – like leaks – and you’re powerless to fix it, or to stop the weather that’s causing it.

Bridgett – you’re going to hate me, but I’ve just run around the house trying to get maximum airflow, closing all curtains to keep out the heat, and it’s still 30 degrees C.

7. Sylvester - February 11, 2011

Pauvre petite!

indigobunting - February 16, 2011

As my buddy Dana and I used to say, sometimes a person just needs to hear “Poor baby!”

8. helen - February 12, 2011

It sounds like a horror story to me too. And usually in them the bad stuff only happens to teenagers who are making out. Life is so unfair…

indigobunting - February 16, 2011

Totally. I think I should have been making out WAY WAY more to have to suffer leaky roofs and sills.

9. Damyanti - February 15, 2011

I hope things are better now.

indigobunting - February 16, 2011

My neighbor reports no new ceiling leaks on Monday!

10. LisaS - February 16, 2011

ugh. stories of leaking roofs make me glad i live in a condo. hopefully they got it fixed, so you can go back to living in the frozen moment.

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