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Soap February 20, 2011

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

Last night the neighbors across the street hosted a potluck dinner for the immediate neighborhood—a gathering of half a dozen households. At some point in the evening, the hostess handed me a bar of goat’s-milk soap to take home.

I thanked her, brought the soap home, and added it to my stash.

I often receive lovely soaps as gifts, but alas, I use only liquid hand and body washes in my tiny bathroom.

I’ve tried to use bar soap, but there’s no space, and they simply melt to a puddly mush. I dream of a day when I put in an upstairs bathroom, complete with a clawfoot tub and its shelf that will manage, neatly, a bar of soap.

Meanwhile, the time for deaccession has come.

Earlier today I gathered the soaps from their hiding place in the closet and placed them in a basket. There are a dozenish, and half of it is goat’s milk: five bars and a five- (once six)-pack Zum Bar sampler that I am tempted to keep:

Zum Bar soaps.

but I did in fact use one of the samples, and the puddly-mush problem made me decidedly unhappy. So it should go too. There is a bar that claims to be French, another Australian, another Scottish. There is a clean-smelling bar from the Body Shop. There are glycerin-y bars bearing snooty hotel logos: the Sagamore and Mohonk Mountain House. There’s a Victoria’s Secret bar covered up in its own little box.

If you live near me and want some of this soap, please . . . let me know. I deliver. If you live elsewhere and want me to package it up and send it your way, send me your address.

This inability to throw out perfectly useable stuff is ingrained.

There is one bar I’m keeping: the homemade one with that little martini glass embedded inside. I hope it will last til I get my bathroom.


1. Mali - February 20, 2011

Deaccession. Good word!
I too have a collection of soap I don’t use (including one made from the oil of some tree in Morocco, one from volcanic mud (supposedly) from the NZ volcanic region, one from a friend’s olive oil from her own olives, and most recently a lavendar soap from Provence – but no goat’s milk soaps) but would never have thought of writing about it. You’re encouraging me to actually start using them.

2. Dona - February 20, 2011

Funny — we use liquid soap at the bathroom sinks and liquid soaps in the shower, but we do go through bar soaps too. I’m not sure how that happens — but suspect it has something to do with teenagers in the house.

3. helen - February 20, 2011

I am so envious… a surplus of soap and condiments!

4. Bridgett - February 21, 2011

Hmm. I love bar soap and it works ok in our house. But I won’t have you package it and send to me–what about your local food pantry? Our parish one is always happy to take soap/shampoo/toothpaste kind of items. Our girl scout council even does a yearly drive for those kinds of things….

indigo bunting - February 21, 2011

B: I’ve thought of that, but that effort may take me longer than other options to get around to…unless the organization my neighbor works for would take it.

5. indigo bunting - February 22, 2011

Tonight, the soap—all of it—found a new and happy home.

Now, what else can I deaccession?

6. Lali - February 23, 2011

I was going to suggest putting nice-smelling soaps in your linen closet/underwear drawer as sachets. But that is now, as they say, “mute.”

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