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Imperative May 10, 2011

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

Get the mail. Greet the neighbor. Face the music. Make a list. Tidy the office. Sort the laundry. Edit copy. Find the money. Call the repairman. Work out. Smell the roses. Sweep the porch.

Send the letter. Make the bed. Pack the clothes. Put out the trash. Wash the dishes. Water the plant. Call the parents. Hang the painting. Bike the trail. Go fishing. Mend the line. Kiss me.

Clean the basement. See the doctor. Rock the Casbah. Drop the pilot. Flex some muscle. Turn up the volume. Dance all night. Box the gnat. Defrost tamales. Rush to yoga. Screen the call. Take that off.

Jump into water. Climb that mountain. Nibble an earlobe. Lick a cone. Make a joke. Take a chance. Change the message. Plant a seed. Dry off. Go to sleep. Draw conclusions. Enter here.

Be careful. Stem the tide. Mind the gap. Fill the tank. Change the tires. Pay the man. Read the fine print. Balance the checkbook. Turn the heat down. Walk the line. Jump through hoops. Touch me there.

Take a hike. Break a leg. Take a load off. Hide the candy. Sing a song. Feed the birds. Raise a glass. Bring it on. Balance and swing. Rinse and repeat. Wait for me. Be sure.

Lose the attitude. Blend in. Write the piece. Meditate. Grill cheese. Ice cream. Count chickens. Plan a party. Set the timer. Guess what. Hide in the attic. Never mind.

Chill the wine. Take that pearl. Turn a cartwheel. Laugh a lot.

Feel this heartbeat. Breathe deep.

Watch this.


1. Bridgett - May 10, 2011

Chill the wine take that pearl. HA.

indigobunting - May 10, 2011

Free association, baby.

2. Sylvester - May 10, 2011

Life is a terminal disease,sweetness,and you get to do all that stuff while waiting for the end. Gee, what a dreadful observation. I am sorry!

indigobunting - May 10, 2011

Sounds like somebody just had a birthday!

3. Mali - May 11, 2011

You’re so clever … and a bit naughty. I bow to your greatness.

4. Damyanti - May 11, 2011

Free association rocks :). You got the tone just right, as always.

5. Lali - May 11, 2011

Love this!

6. Deloney - May 11, 2011

That was fun!

7. helen - May 12, 2011

This should be put to some sort of beat and you should perform it.

indigobunting - May 13, 2011

The introvert now goes and hides in the corner.

8. Ed - May 15, 2011

No, not the corner, the closet. (You
ARE the closet extrovert, right?)

indigobunting - May 15, 2011

I cower corrected!

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