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Have a Seat June 29, 2011

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In August 2007 it was at last completed: the slate patio off the back of our carriage house/barn/garage, built in part from the barn’s removed and replaced slate foundation.

At the time it was finished, we had spent too much money to think about purchasing actual patio furniture and made do with the Adirondack chair and couple of plastic numbers we already had.

There is a highly reputable outdoor furniture maker whose factory sits just a few miles from Parts West over the New York border. Each year, I would think about getting patio furniture and, believing my memory must be wrong about how much it cost, would visit the showroom. And each time it turned out that it was very expensive. With all the house maintenance projects going on, I couldn’t justify it.

This year, though, I was determined. I visited the showroom. I found some things I liked. I talked with friends who have had this furniture for seven years and the stuff looks brand spankin’ new. I took Tim to the showroom. He is always more willing to spend money than I am, and he was quickly on board. They let us take a couple of chairs home to try on the patio. We ordered four chairs and a coffee table (the patio is a tad small for a dining table). We paid them lots of money and were told that our order would be fulfilled in three to four weeks.

They called in four weeks, but I was in Bloomington, and the car with enough room to transport the furniture was parked at the airport. After I got home, I went to get it. We opened the boxes in the garage, tried out one of the chairs, and assembled the glass-topped aluminum-framed table. We left it all in the garage because I didn’t feel like putting the furniture out in the rain. It’s been raining all the time.

Saturday night there was a small afterparty in the garage (after a potluck across the street!), and all the chairs were used. Or so I’m told, because I didn’t actually make it to that afterparty.

Sunday we visited with my next-door neighbor Lynda and her mother, Donna, while they were planting rosebushes. It was sunny at last. We decided to move the furniture down to the patio for an inaugural happy hour. Tim and I had cucumber purée–infused Hendricks martinis; Lynda and Donna had Cosmos. The table turned out to be the perfect size for a small cocktail party.

We could still use a couple of small square end tables, but I’ll probably get some cheap ones, not the hundred-dollar-plus matching ones. Tim and I were discussing this as we stacked the chairs and pushed the table up against the barn to guard against the inevitable stormy winds. I mentioned casually what that little table had cost, and Tim, who hadn’t blinked at the total of the set, said, “Are you *%&^ing kidding me?”

Note: In looking up the price of said coffee table, it turns out my memory had slightly inflated the number or confused it with the one we decided not to get.



1. Craig (Maito Sewa Yoleme) - June 29, 2011

Bless you for the en dash in “purée–infused.”

You know you live in Paradise, don’t you?

indigo bunting - June 29, 2011

A paradise of en dashes.

And I am so happy that somehow you see the en dash, because—as we have discussed—it shows up as a hyphen on my screen, despite my proper use within the Word document.

2. Eulalia Benejam Cobb - June 29, 2011

Your patio is so beautiful, it deserves the very best.

3. helen - June 30, 2011

AACCKK! I still don’t understand why “purée-infused” requires an en dash. I need a drink.

indigo bunting - June 30, 2011

Helen: If it was just purée-infused as an adjective, it would be a hyphen. But in this case, it’s cucumber purée–infused, and because it’s a compound adjective between cucumber purée (two words, open) and infused, it requires an en dash instead of hyphen. Clear as a classic martini, right?

4. LisaS - June 30, 2011

i yearn for your patio. or really, the cucumbery martinis. pureed, infused, whatever, they sound yummy.

5. Dona - July 2, 2011

I have no comment on dashes and hyphens.

I’ve been wanting a nice “chat set” for our screened porch. When our neighbors sold theirs to us prior to moving I was delighted until I found out it would cost $800 to get the cushions replaced. Ordered another set for cheaper — probably not nearly as nice as yours, but I’m pleased.

indigo bunting - July 4, 2011

Mine looks pretty plain, overall, but is comfy and sturdy. No cushions. Way too exposed for that. And $800 to replace cushions? Forget it.

6. helen - July 3, 2011

Actually, that is clear. Thanks Indigo! And now to that martini…

7. Mali - July 4, 2011

I like that you can have a cocktail party for four. I love that you can sit on the patio and enjoy it. Now, if only there were photos …

Meanwhile, I will live in hope that one day our deck will be finished and I can buy some more outdoor furniture too.

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