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Blue House July 2, 2011

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Back when I moved to Parts West sixteen years ago, there were no house numbers. I got my mail at the post office just down the street (and still do). Tim and I rented a blue house on the corner of Route 153 and a cross street of sorts.

I began working as a freelance editor. In those days, clients still sent me physical manuscripts. Even when I first started editing digitally, they would send disks with a hard copy of the manuscript and/or art dummy. That meant a lot of FedEx and UPS. My address went something like this: Route 153 at Town Highway XX (blue house). Seriously. My clients couldn’t believe they were writing “blue house” on their delivery forms.

Tim and I bought a house across the street in 1999. Eventually, 911 services meant that we were assigned house numbers. This made a lot of things easier.

My propane bill, though—even while sporting my physical address—still also instructs: “yellow house across from her previous blue house.” A tiny Vermont found poem:

yellow house across
from her
previous blue

“So,” thinks a delivery guy, glancing across the street, his brain brimming with history, “She used to live over there.”


1. Bridgett - July 2, 2011

I LOVE this. Love it. Mike has relatives who get mail addressed to simply their names, town, state, and zip.

Back when I was in high school I had penpals around the world, mostly German and Polish, but one who lived on Ile de la Reunion, which is in the Republic of France technically but is a tiny island in the Indian Ocean. Mail to her would be repeatedly returned unless I wrote out her name, address, the name of the island, and then in big capitals below all that, “EAST OF MADAGASCAR”.

2. Dona - July 2, 2011


I always wanted to name our house but never came up with a good enough name. I thought about Borogroves until I read it was an animal instead of a dwelling place.

3. Mali - July 4, 2011

I love this too! The poem. And the fantastic last line that brings it all to life.

Bridgett – East of Madagascar? Seriously?! I love it!!

I grew up in a rural district, where our addresses were all the same … R.D. 8 (Rural Delivery 8) and then the name of the nearest town about 10 miles away.

4. Eulalia Benejam Cobb - July 4, 2011

Oh how I regret moving to Parts West after houses were assigned numbers!

Dona, the line begins, “all mimsy were the borogoves…” Lewis Carroll said that “mimsy” meant both “miserable” and “flimsy,” so they probably were animals. But “The Borogoves” sounds like a great name for a house.

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