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August Light August 12, 2011

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

It is late-summer light, cricket-sounding light, back-to-school light. It is low-river light, the light of gulping waxwings, grasshopper light. It is light that whispers keep moving, keep moving. It is butterflies-on-the-bushes light, butterflies-on-the-trail light. It is the light of dragonflies. It is sitting-by-the-lake light, listening-to-loons-call light. It is light that wonders how many more days it will get to kiss your skin. It is conference-of-corvids light. It is cloud-of-icterids light. It is light that will soon rip us from this embrace, light that knows that this is almost over and that even this sadness is beautiful.


1. LisaS - August 12, 2011

oh, YES. it’s not so dramatic here, but noticeable to be certain.

2. Mali - August 13, 2011

You’re so good!

3. Bridgett - August 13, 2011

It is different, even here (Lisa is right). The last week has been like an on/off switch from summer to that in between time.

4. Lali - August 13, 2011

Brava! Lovely post.

5. Damyanti - August 14, 2011

Sai che sei bravissima? Perche’ non scrivi un po’ di piu?.

Also…left you a little thankyou on my blog

indigo bunting - August 15, 2011

Damyanti, I will try. Thank you, and thank you.

6. Deloney - August 14, 2011

I know that light.

7. helen - August 15, 2011

I so like this, particularly the conference of corvids (and I don’t even know what corvids are).

I have seen the light… and am ready to move on. Bring on autumn!

8. Sylvester - August 16, 2011

That is stunning, just sensational. I would only add cicadas and hummingbirds. I loved it. Good on ya, gal.

indigobunting - August 18, 2011

Ah, I have been feeding the hummingbirds what is sure to be nearly the last of their food before they leave us. I have heard only the occasional cicada, but when recently in Maryland for a 24-hour period was stunned by their volume. I miss them.

9. Mali - August 18, 2011

I just googled corvids, cos like Helen, I didn’t know what they are. Now I know you’re even better than I originally thought.

indigobunting - August 18, 2011

I’m just a birder, ma’am. (And thanks.)

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