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Bus Stop, First Day of School September 1, 2011

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Lynda and Thom and Rich out waiting for Kristina and Nolan and Emily and Jade, and Dorothy gardening as always, and me with my bike about to try the rail trail to see how far I can get before water or washout turns me away. The bus stops, four kids file off, stories of the happy day begin—The most awesome first day ever!—aftersnack plans fall into place, and I take off down the hill on two wheels, just like I always did after school.


1. lali - September 1, 2011

Just beautiful.

2. Deloney - September 2, 2011


3. Mali - September 8, 2011

I really liked picturing you on your bike, shouting “wheeeeee” as you sped down the hill. Did you?

indigo bunting - September 8, 2011

For you, Mali, of course I did!

4. helen - September 8, 2011

I love the sense of freedom and nostalgia I get from reading this.

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