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Snow Geese October 17, 2011

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Our new friend Lang, who’s nine and a major birder, suggested we all go up to Dead Creek to see the snow geese on their migration, something I’ve been meaning to do longer than he’s been alive, and so his dad Facebooked us an invite, and we thought, yeah, let’s go! We took two cars: Lang was in one with his dad and mom and little sister, and Tim and I followed them. Dead Creek (an hour or so away) was amazing, and someday I really will go back with my canoe. We couldn’t get very close to the geese, what with it being a protected preserve and all, but we could see them from various points along our drive, far away in our binoculars and spotting scope. We packed lunches and ate them at the last and best viewing spot, and that’s when the geese all took off, which is exactly what you’re there to see during snow goose migration. The view and the sounds are stunning. It looked like this:

And Lang and his little sister made a checklist for the day, which looked like this:

And I have never in my life seen so many northern harriers in one day, not ever.


1. Mali - October 19, 2011

Wow. I can just imagine the sound. Thanks for sharing that.

2. LisaS - October 20, 2011

I’m glad to see your new social director helping fill your bucket list! and yes, the sound must be amazing.

3. Eulalia Benejam Cobb - October 22, 2011

And now fall is REALLY here.

4. laurie - October 23, 2011

wow. did you take that first photo? it’s beautiful beautiful beautiful.

5. indigo bunting - October 24, 2011

Laurie: Tim did!

6. helen - October 24, 2011

It is a fabulous photo, and those birds are obviously aptly named.

What’s the story behind the name of the creek?

indigo bunting - October 25, 2011

I have no idea, Helen, and the Internet isn’t helping me out on that one.

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