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Friday Morning Ride December 5, 2011

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

How pleasant it is to go to the gym and run into Andrew, who wants to chat about all the Friday night social events in these parts and about what our mutual liberal outspoken Facebook friend has been posting lately, and also to run into Karl and tease him about getting buff for curling as he pulls weight on the lateral machine, and to then sit on one bike and have Karl sit on the next bike, and to have him point out the weight he has gained, and to tell him that it is something that he in fact has to point out, that he is hiding it well, and to have him explain that he has spent the past two years spending energy hiding it and has decided maybe to spend energy changing it, but he is being careful not to set impossible goals that will only cause him to believe he is failing, and for me to reiterate that the gym shouldn’t be about losing weight, which is a nice potential side effect, but should be part of one’s lifestyle, to keep the body moving, to help one age gracefully, and at the same time trying to believe that with all my heart, which I do, but acknowledging that if on the other side of menopause I’ve gained twenty pounds I can’t seem to do a thing about that I might in fact be frustrated and have trouble calmly applying this philosophy to myself, yet meanwhile, it is pleasant taking this bike ride with Karl, whom I hardly ever see, and we chat away, the fluorescent light blowing through our hair.


1. Mali - December 6, 2011

Oh, that last bit – “the fluorescent light blowing through our hair” – perfect!

2. Adam Byrn Tritt - December 6, 2011

Perhaps it is, on his part, a preemptive pointing out, acknowledging something he feels is obvious to lesson the shame he feels it engenders and scorn he feels it would certainly otherwise earn.

We like for there to be so little of us.

3. Marie - April 10, 2012

How I have missed reading your blog! Just caught up with your last 4 months, thanks!

indigobunting - April 16, 2012

Oh Marie, thanks! (Will I ever write again?)

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