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Sunset Skate February 10, 2012

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

“Stay tuned and sharpen your skates,” Deb’s e-mail announced. “We’re going out this afternoon to see how thick the ice is. I think we’ll be skating soon!”

She called at 3:45, just as I was hitting a wall workwise, mostly a tired kind of wall but also a spermicide wall, as my instructions in updating the teen sexuality pamphlet noted that I should say, per the CDC, that spermicides shouldn’t be used with condoms, which sounds like a warning of some sort, but the source I have says that the CDC doesn’t promote spermicide use with condoms because spermicides don’t add extra protection against STDs, which is different from saying don’t use spermicides with condoms, and what about those (very few) holdout teens using a diaphragm or a cap?

I figured I had just enough time before yoga class to forget about spermicides, shut down the computer, grab my skates, and hit the pond.

When I got there, Deb was already on the ice. Dan was keeping the dogs in check.

It’s a treat to skate on a pond. I hardly ever get to. The last time was quite a few years ago at Tom and Lizzie’s. They had shoveled their pond and flooded it. So much work. But this year, there’s no snow. Deb and Dan cleared away some sticks and leaves. Fantastic.

The sun was bright, the air was warm, and the skating was delightful (as were the nips of Knob Creek from Dan’s new Filson flask). When the sun dipped below the horizon, I realized that (unless my memory is faulty), I’d never been skating outside at sunset before.

I might go back today.


1. Dona - February 10, 2012

I’ve not skated in years and years, but this sounds like fun.

And of course you must have heard the latest on spermicides (NPR Morning edition this week).

indigo bunting - February 10, 2012

Nope, Dona, I haven’t (unless it’s more on potentially raising rates of STDs in some cases). And for the record, turns out if you have more than one partner, you should be told to not use a diaphragm or cap. Makes ya feel kinda bad for the few gals who don’t want to jump on the hormonal bandwagon.

Dona - February 10, 2012

What I heard on NPR was spermicides can cause irritation to the vaginal lining which could create an opening for the virus to get into the bloodstream.

2. indigo bunting - February 10, 2012

Yeah, that’s not recent news but it’s not very well known.

3. Eulalia Benejam Cobb - February 11, 2012

I remember that earlier skate, years ago. It was SO cold!

4. Mali - February 14, 2012

I couldn’t respond here while I was away (don’t ask my why), but I did sigh at this, and think how romantic a sunset skate must be.

Mali - February 14, 2012

I mean “don’t ask ME why” of course.

5. Helen - February 19, 2012

I went to Ottawa to skate on the Rideau Canal this weekend, only to find it closed and partly submerged under water. Bloody non-winter weather 😦 Who can not love winter when you get to do things like skating at sunset?

6. LisaS - February 22, 2012

i’ve never skated on a pond … the outdoor rink is as close as it gets. how lovely it must be to skate in the middle of the trees, the pasture, … someplace without a million people and 1970s music. how wonderful.

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