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Soup February 24, 2012

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

There’s a knock on the door, and it’s Laura, who found the chicken and dumplings I left on her front porch, not chicken and dumplings I made, of course (I’ve never made chicken and dumplings), but the ones I picked up from Kate, our local caterer, when I was picking up my own order of a quart of congee and one of vegetable red Thai curry soup, and there I was, and there Laura’s dumplings were, so I grabbed her order too and dropped it off, hoping it wouldn’t confuse things, and she knocked on the door to thank me and say hello, and while we were chatting on the front porch (because Gigi was in the car), Deb pulled into Martha’s driveway across the street, and we called out to her, and she told us she was delivering a turkey carcass, and Martha came to the door, and all the gals were greeting one another, and when Deb and Martha went inside with the carcass, Gunther the bird-eating white cat immediately jumped into the open trunk of Deb’s car, sniffing around where those bird bones had been, and took his good old time before leaving, and I was kind of wishing Lynda was home from work so she could come out on her porch and wave to all of us too, and then Laura left and a few minutes later Martha called and asked if I wanted some potato leek spinach soup, to which there can only be one answer. Am I right?


1. Craig R. Smith - February 24, 2012

When you’re right, you’re right.

This week I’ll be attempting a Tuscan bean soup with pancetta and rosemary.

2. Mali - February 24, 2012

And … she’s back! Yay.

That all made me hungry.

3. Eulalia Benejam Cobb - February 24, 2012

What happened to Gunther?

indigo bunting - February 29, 2012

He took his good old time before leaving.

4. Helen - February 27, 2012

I covet your neighbours/community and your way with long sentences.

5. Dona - February 28, 2012

I read this on my phone last night. It was easier to read there for some reason. You have good neighbors…

6. Lynda - March 8, 2012

Awww, I love you, Kate! I wish I were home from work, too!

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