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Second Big Year (2BY)1: The Saga Continues January 31, 2013

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With Danny—aka Dan’l, the way we always address him in writing—Tim and I agreed to try the listing thing for another calendar year. Overall, January wasn’t a bad month for us, but that’s because we took an entire Saturday, got in the car, and drove north to bird. Time, travel. I can tell that story some other time, maybe.

A couple of days ago, Dan’l extended an invitation to Tim’s sister, Amy, to join the group. I thought his invite was worth sharing here, especially as I don’t seem to be writing much. (Dan’l has, in fact, unknowingly been a guest blogger before.) He writes to Amy:

As you may already know, Tim, Indigo, and I are in the midst of a birding “big year.” After your call a while ago about sighting a pileated woodpecker, I checked in with the Vermont branch and suggested that you might be allowed to join in. Although they were not sure that you may have confused the pileated with a herring gull, they finally agreed. So, I am hereby inviting you to be part of the big year. However, you may not want to join after you know what the conditions are.

First, any sighting that you report must be supported by sworn affidavits from at least three witnesses. Second, your reports must be sent to headquarters in Vermont using encrypted messages, since our rivals are constantly monitoring our emails. Third, you must not reveal what you are taking part in, not even to close personal friends. If someone catches you looking at birds, it will be up to you to lie convincingly. (We can supply you with some standard lies if you are desperate.) The potential benefits which may accrue from our winning the international competition are staggering, and secrecy is our only protection. (Because you are family, we will waive the $500 entry fee.)

I’ve not yet heard whether Amy will be joining us, but I’ve already got a pileated on my list.


1. Maureen - January 31, 2013

I admit I’m reading this from work. It was so funny I followed the link to Dan’l’s other post and LOL’d. Thanks Indigo–made my day.

2. Dona - February 1, 2013

Good luck! That guy is funny.

3. Mali - February 3, 2013

That made me smile!

4. lhertzel - February 4, 2013

i’d love to see the person who could mistake a herring gull for a pileated woodpecker! though i have to confess that not too long ago Rosie and I mistook a plastic bag for an owl. In our defense, the plastic bag was high in a tree and was definitely owl-shaped.

indigobunting - February 4, 2013

I have made that same mistake: bird or not? Sigh. Not.

5. Eulalia Benejam Cobb - February 4, 2013

And I always thought birders were a solemn bunch!

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