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Blog First, Right Now March 6, 2013

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The grocery bill adds up when you want the good stuff—or, at least, the better stuff. The wild-caught salmon looks particular yummy. We need decent salad greens, even though they are boxed and shipped to us from California. Hitting the cheese case is always a danger (ka-ching!). The meal I am taking to my neighbor after her surgery calls not for parmesan, but parmigiano. I will not skimp. Nor will I pass by the manchego or the fresh goat cheese.

My neighbor’s mother will be taking care of her (and the grandchildren) for the next few weeks. She might appreciate the bottle of chardonnay I add to the cart. She might, in fact, need the bottle of chardonnay I add to the cart.

Then, at the end, I triumphantly grab a half gallon of grapefruit juice. I have been back to the doctor for my follow-up. The antigrapefruit drug has not worked on the symptoms we were attempting to treat. His first recommendation is to stop the drug; his second is to up the dosage, which he believes will increase side effects, and it may not work anyway. We opt for stopping. I’ll go see a specialist. (I do not seem to be in danger of anything serious.)

Is a day without grapefruit a day without sunshine? It’s been gray since I’ve last blogged, weatherwise and emotionally, with some family worries and news of four deaths in five days—a person who meant something to me and several who meant something to people who mean something to me, all of whom I had once met. I seem unable to accomplish everything that needs to be done. I stumble about in the world and in cyberspace. I waste time.

But this morning I blog first, I dream of that first sip of grapefruit juice, and I send love to my neighbor who is having surgery right now.



1. Eulalia Benejam Cobb - March 7, 2013

You are a good neighbor!

2. Mali - March 8, 2013

There should always be a bottle of chardonnay in your shopping trolley.

I’m sorry about all those deaths and bad news. I hope as spring approaches, your world brightens up. I’m sure the grapefruit juice (yuck, gag) will help!

3. Helen - March 14, 2013

You do sound like one fabulous neighbour/neighbor. And I’m sure your neighbour/neighbor, and her mother, are sending their love to you too right now.

4. Dona - April 10, 2013

Glad you blogged — right then — glad for your grapefruit juice pardon (if that is the right word). Glad your neighbor has a neighbor like you.

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