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Ten Reasons Why You Might Get an Urge to Spontaneously Kiss Someone Who Is Not on Your OK-to-Kiss List March 22, 2013

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  1. S/he looks sad. Maybe a kiss will cheer her/him up.
  2. S/he’s not expecting it! What will s/he do? Let’s find out!
  3. Wow, s/he’s good looking.
  4. You considered it in high school. Just do it already.
  5. Grandfather clause—there is a kissing history.
  6. You’re drunk.
  7. Pheromones.
  8. It’s on your bucket list.
  9. It’s spring.
  10. If you had a reason, it wouldn’t be spontaneous.


1. Craig R. Smith - March 22, 2013

I got kissed—very spontaneously, and not terribly romantically—by Daniel Radcliffe the other night. It was extremely pleasant, and there was no trace of cigarette breath. We both seemed to be deciding whether this fun little smooch would lead to further and more intentional osculation when the dream ended….

indigobunting - March 22, 2013

I’ve seen him naked.

2. Lynda Corbett - March 22, 2013

I have an OK-to-Kiss list? Hmmm…should probably find that…pretty sure I haven’t been heeding it.

indigobunting - March 22, 2013

As well you shouldn’t, Lynda. And look out: I may plant one on you when you’re least expecting it.

3. Mali - March 23, 2013

I’m wondering what prompted this list. And want to know if there are stories behind #5. (Yes, I’m an old gossip!)

indigobunting - March 28, 2013

These are all simply random, of course, Mali.

4. Helen - March 27, 2013

Oh, yikes, I succumbed because of #6 with a friend’s husband. VERY embarrassing…

indigobunting - March 28, 2013

Oh my, dahlink.

5. Dona - April 10, 2013

Ha — interesting list. Once, at a wedding reception, the bridegroom (a stranger to me, but best friends with my date) kissed me fully on the lips. He said it was because he had never kissed me but I suspect it was because of #6.

indigobunting - April 11, 2013

Now, that’s the kind of kiss I’m talkin’ about.

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