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2BY5: February List; January Correction March 25, 2013

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Tim and I sat down to compare lists yesterday, which is always a good idea, because we both forget to list birds, then our memories are jarred by an event (We saw that at DAR State Park, remember?) or the realization that we are sometimes so used to seeing something that we forget to write it down (bluebirds! vultures!). So to my January list I hereby add the lesser scaup and the eastern bluebird, which brings my January total to 39.

February was pathetic. I added one species—house sparrow—seen at my feeder, bringing my total to 40, which is still a dozen species more than the same time the year before, thanks to January.

March is looking up. Stay tuned, beak geeks.


1. Mali - March 25, 2013

Not a beak geek (never heard that before!) but happy anytime you post.

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