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2BY6: March List April 1, 2013

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March, as previously hinted, was a much better birding month than February. I added 13 species, which brings my total to 53 (13 ahead of last year at this time). Oddly, among last year’s 40 species are a bunch (nine!) I have yet to see this year.

The helpful bit was heading to Portland, Maine, for my birthday. At last, after a 15-month hiatus, I was back in the land of great food and shorebirds (and I got to hang with some great friends, too). Added: northern mockingbird, common eider, common loon, red-breasted merganser, fish crow, long-tailed duck (oldsquaw), house finch, and white-winged scoter. I heard/saw my first red-winged blackbirds and killdeer on March 10—oddly, I listed those two species on the same day last year (March 3). It took the rest of the month for me to add turkey vulture, great blue heron, and song sparrow.

Tim and I had an encounter with a pair of owls one evening, one landing in our neighbor’s tree, but it was too dark to ID them positively as barred or great horned. My gut said great horned—they seemed huge—and I need that for my list. Alas.

This month we head to Arizona, which I’m hoping is way more productive in April than Colorado was in September.


1. Mali - April 2, 2013

I finally watched The Big Year, and I feel as if I get it. I like imagining you looking for the owl.

2. Eulalia Benejam Cobb - April 2, 2013

Haven’t heard or seen the redwings yet. The bluebird’s back, though.

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