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Passport April 14, 2013

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

Last night I had a dream that involved me, a friend, airplanes, taxis, Paris, and a missing passport. My missing passport. The dream was so anxiety provoking that I had to make eye contact with said passport immediately this morning—which was when I discovered that I’ve had it for more than six years and haven’t used it once.

This is possibly more disturbing than my dream.

The last time I renewed it, it had expired a month or so before. At the time, I was nervous about the several months during which I would be unable to leave the country. That Bush was in office no doubt played its part in this unease. I breathed a big fat sigh of relief when my passport arrived (quickly, I might add) in the mail.

I thought I was someone who never let her passport expire. But in lining up the four passports of my lifetime, I’ve discovered that I’m someone who always lets her passport expire—in fact, that 3-month gap was my shortest period of forced U.S. confinement. (Of course, until fairly recently, one didn’t need a passport to cross into Canada.)

In those six-plus years, I haven’t even been to Canada. I live four hours by car from Montreal, and I always end up in New York City.

There is a Canadian stamp on my last passport, from when I flew into Halifax and traveled over to Cape Breton. Also, a bunch from Italy (plastered all over the nearly-empty book—customs officials seem only to find blank space without concern for chronology). I know I went to Mexico, but there’s no stamp. There’s one from Scotland, one from Belize, one from France. In fact, that French stamp may be my last venture abroad. I think it says 2002. That can’t be right, can it?

It is. But Halifax is two months later.

I need to get to Montreal.


1. Lynda Corbett - April 14, 2013

Girls’ Weekend!!!

2. Mali - April 19, 2013

I read this on my iPad, and was so horrified, I forgot to comment! And a pedantic technicality – you actually need to renew passports about six months before they expire, because most countries won’t allow you entry with a passport that isn’t valid for 3-6 months. So you were actually confined to the US for longer than you thought.

I was in France in 2002. Wonder if we were there the same time?

Oh – and you have two places I’ve never been – Belize, and Scotland.

Mali - April 19, 2013

Oh, and Mexico too.

indigobunting - April 19, 2013

Thanks for the heads up, Mali—thank goodness I didn’t need to leave quickly. (And I believe I was in Paris in May 2002).

Hard to imagine I’ve been anywhere you haven’t been!

Mali - February 6, 2015

Ok, just came back and read this after your 500th post. We arrived in Paris in about the third week of May 2002, but after visiting Versailles, drove out the same day to the Loire Valley, only to return about four weeks later.

indigobunting - February 6, 2015

Mali: In grabbing some photos, looks like I was in Paris at least the 18th–21st!

3. Eulalia Benejam Cobb - April 20, 2013

Oh dear, now I’M going to have passport nightmares (I’ve had some in real life, in my life).

indigobunting - April 29, 2013

Well, I shall have to hear about some of those.

4. Helen - April 21, 2013

Well, if you’re going to Montreal you may as well keep going and come to Kingston!

indigobunting - April 29, 2013

Or perhaps you should meet me in Montreal?

5. Dona - May 5, 2013

We let our passports expire and got them renewed a few months ago. I hope Germany lets me in on a sort of new passport.

indigobunting - May 6, 2013

I’m excited that you’re going to Germany!

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