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A Series of Things: The Icons May 17, 2013

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The bronzed shoe. The cow bowl. The 1811 House snifter. The bottle opener. The modern cake tester. The god cod. The lock. The bathroom scale.

These are a series of things, and apparently I haven’t written entries for this series in 2½ years.

I still have (and enjoy) all those things. I have other things, too. In fact, I have way too many things, and I need to come up with plans to deaccession some of them.

But not the icons.

The chicken icon was first, plucked from a nearly-sold-out show. It came with papers.


St. George

It is said that this saint was the one to discuss and invent the early chicken scratching known today as the early language. Historians and experts still question the name (was he in fact Roy Egg, later given the title of St. George?). He documented many early saints and was witness to many events in early chicken history. His devotion led him to become a saint.

—Roy Egg

Sewa Yoleme could comment on the “Roy Egg” that appears on the icon itself. He is familiar with this icon.

The rabbit icon, St. Francis, came into my life much later, but for years I made pilgrimages to see it. Now I see St. Francis every day.


I find him great comfort as I ascend and descend my staircase.


1. Eulalia Benejam Cobb - May 20, 2013

Don’t you love the little Italianate landscape behind the Saint?

indigobunting - May 20, 2013

Beyond love!

2. Mali - May 24, 2013

I read this sometime ago, but was lost (with delight) for words. Apologies!

I love these icons. Roy Egg and regal St Francis. They fit well with the God Cod. I wish I could meet them all in person.

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