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Trash May 23, 2013

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I’ve lived in Vermont a long time now—much closer to two decades than one. And yesterday, for the first time in all that time, I got on the phone and ordered trash pickup.

Yes, for a fee that will approximately double what I spent hauling my trash and recycling to the transfer station each month, I will join my neighbors in hauling trash and recycling to the curb (well, we don’t actually have curbs) each Sunday night.

Tim is elated. Anything that cuts down on weekend chores is great by him. I’m the one who kind of liked the ritual of the whole thing—the sorting, the chatting with the guys at the dump. But then the transfer station changed hands, went private, got a new staff, and it just seemed as good a time as any to join the rest of the world. (Besides, I can still take stuff there, some for free, if I need/want to.) And, truth be told, Tim was going by himself more and more often, not enjoying the ritual, as I stayed home to take care of other chores. Jeez, the never-ending chores.

My trash receptacles will arrive next week—one for trash, one for recycling. But here’s the thing that’s weird to me: All the recycling goes in one bin—glass, all kinds of plastic, aluminum, tin, paper. This is very, very attractive for obvious reasons, especially as I’ve painstakingly separated everything for the transfer station, and there are a lot of plastics the transfer station won’t take at all. It also brings up obvious questions: How can all the recycling go in one bin? How does it ultimately get separated? Does it really get separated? Or is this just for show?

I often think of that early scene in Sex, Lies, and Videotape:

My first pickup is June 3. I imagine I’ll be happy. Maybe I’ll put on 25 pounds.


1. Lynda Corbett - May 23, 2013

Welcome to the Trash Club! This is one BIG step toward simplifying your life – congratulations!!

2. Helen - May 23, 2013

Glad you trashed that particular weekend ritual/chore… (groan…)

3. Mali - May 24, 2013

These are questions you probably don’t want answers to. It is depressing to learn that a lot of recycling isn’t in fact recycled. And then there’s the issue of how much energy and resources are required to recycle. But we have to do what we can. The ridiculous amount of packaging involved in any simple purchase makes me despair. We are drowning in our trash.

On another matter – chores, who needs ’em?

4. Eulalia Benejam Cobb - May 24, 2013

Oh, no! You’ve abandoned the transfer station/dump? Are we the only ones left with six trash/recycling containers in the kitchen?

5. Bridgett - May 30, 2013

We play apples to apples, a game with adjective cards you match to nouns and then the dealer for that hand picks the adjective that best matches the noun. It’s a party game, no real thinking involved. Often amusing. I was dealing and put down the card “Recycling.” The winner that round was my friend Mary who matched Recycling with the adjective “Naive.”

But I still recycle.

6. Dona - June 3, 2013

Here is what happens in Montgomery County Maryland: http://youtu.be/BpUgmplItqE

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