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Vague/Fanny July 22, 2013

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

At last! At last! Our dear friend Deloney’s book, Songbooks for Haunted Boys and Girls, releases today. Sewa Yoleme sent me a review copy, and last Monday I posted this review on Amazon:

Are they short stories? Prose poems? Paintings? Short films? They suggest just enough to make me think I know more. Now, in the midst of a hot, sultry summer, I feel I am ducking into a dark, cool theater in the middle of an afternoon. There is a barely perceptible flicker to the black-and-white images before me; behind me, the projector scratches and purrs. The characters of the Danforth, the people of Wayne McNeill’s life past and present, get under my skin. I develop my own crush on Mlle Vague, and I begin to love Fanny (a cat) in a way that is at once reverent and commonplace. Most of the year, with the same stories, McNeill instead warms me. I knock, and he lets me in. I shake the snow off my coat and leave my wet boots at the door. I sit near the fire escape where Fanny used to hold court, and Alfie (the new girl) considers me. Mlle Vague says something witty, of course. If I am lucky, there will soon be wine, perhaps even comfort food that sticks to my ribs.

I will give this book to many friends. Do the same for yours.

Congratulations, bard of the Danforth.


1. Mali - July 23, 2013

Brilliant title. Brilliant book. I’m blogging about it now.

indigobunting - July 23, 2013

Can’t wait to read your post! Ah, to be reading Deloney in Italy…

2. Helen - July 23, 2013

And brilliant review… it sounds like prose poetry.

3. Eulalia Benejam Cobb - July 25, 2013

Here’s a new profession for you, Indigo, when you get tired of your present one: book reviewer.

Deloney - August 27, 2013

Thanks, Indigo. I just
saw this post today but of course I read the review earlier.

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