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A Series of Things: Komodo Dragon August 13, 2013

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Years ago, we met on a sidewalk in Portland. She was with many of her own kind. She fit in the back of my Subaru.

On the way home, we got caught in a blizzard. I had to stop at a friend’s in New Hampshire. She survived the night.

She lives in Martini Lounge, guarding hula hoops and a baby. I did not know she was a she until the baby showed up. To be honest, I’m only assuming she’s a she and that the baby is hers. (Komodos are, after all, egg layers.)

She wears a piece of twine on her front left wrist. She refuses to explain this.

Not everyone likes her. This puzzles me.

I don’t know if she likes the lava lamp or not, but so far, it’s remained on its mantel perch.


1. Dona - August 28, 2013

You should submit this to the Washington Post magazine. They have a new series called Mine! This is better than anything I have read there to date.

“Tell us about what you treasure and why: E-mail 250 words or fewer to wpmagazine@washpost.com. Please use “MINE” in the subject line, and include age, city and job”

indigobunting - September 5, 2013

Looks like an interesting series! (Thanks for the compliment!)

2. Helen - September 2, 2013

I have a thing for komodo dragons; one of my former dreams was to go to Komodo to see them (except when I was in the neighbourhood, I think they used to use live goat bait to lure them for tourists, which horrified me; I don’t think they do that anymore). So tell her (does she/possibly he have a name?) I like her and would love to treat her to a martini one day and get her drunk and find out why she wears that twine on her left wrist.

indigobunting - September 5, 2013

Perhaps s/he would tell you her/his name if you get her/him drunk enough! So far, I don’t know it. (Live goat bait? Yikes!)

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