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South August 14, 2013

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At 10:15 this morning, a car drove by and honked. I heard it from my office, way in the back of the house. It was my summer friend, Sioux, heading south, heading home. One of my first signs of autumn.

Just the other day, I saw some geese doing the same thing: ganging up, honking and flying, pointing south.

Sioux used to stay through Labor Day, but then her school moved its start date up by a couple of weeks, and the end date keeps pushing back with all winter’s snow days, and I swear what used to be 10-week summers have turned into 6-week summers. It messes with my aging, times-flying-by-too-fast-anyway head.

Her husband and daughter, who were going to leave tomorrow, stopped by today to drop something off for me and to tell me they were leaving tonight instead. No use hanging around one more night in anticipation of a day in the car.

August, that Adonis, is getting his first jabs in before I fall.


1. Eulalia Benejam Cobb - August 15, 2013

And it doesn’t help that the weather, which I love, is decidedly autumnal.

2. Mali - August 16, 2013

This is fascinating to me, for once sharing your seasons, as today I noticed the leaves are starting to turn here, and the temperatures are no longer hitting the mid-high 30s. Yet I always felt as if August was still mid-summer in this half of the planet.

3. Helen - August 26, 2013

I like this so much, although it makes me sad… similar to my feelings for autumn.

4. Dona - August 28, 2013

This seemed like the fastest summer ever. Even my kids think so.

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