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Advent December 1, 2013

Posted by indigobunting in Uncategorized.

The advent calendar began to appear when I was still quite small. Between the time I went to bed on November 30 and the time I got up on December 1, elves stopped by the house to hang it on the wall: a long blue-cloth calendar numbering 24 days, a ring sewn under each date from which two small packages wrapped in white tissue paper were attached. My sister and I opened a present every morning. We would not receive the same elf offering on the same day, but by eyeing the size and shape of what the other got, we could usually identify its future match.

It was easily as much fun as Christmas.



1. Helen - December 2, 2013

I LOVE advent calendars… but the ones we had growing up had chocolate offerings only (not that I’m complaining).

2. Mali - December 2, 2013

I’d never heard of them till I was in my 30s! Sounds like I missed out. (A chocolate one sounds perfect).

3. indigobunting - December 4, 2013

Mmmm. Chocolate.

4. indigobunting - December 16, 2016

Reblogged this on Route 153 and commented:

In December 2013, I wrote about the advent calendar of my childhood as a kickoff to writing something—anything—for twenty-four days. It looks like I did that again in 2014, and I’ve been making the attempt this year after last year’s (near) December silence. It hasn’t been easy, though, so I’ve been posting snippets and photos and things already written for others and, like today, some repeated material.

5. Mali - December 18, 2016

This is just as much fun second time round. And I am loving the regular postings from you.

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