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Buntingdoodle December 5, 2013

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Last night I went up to Laura’s for our weekly trashy-TV date. Laura has been making felt bird ornaments for a craft exchange. They are fantastic. She and her daughter, my BFF Buddy Gigi, made a special one for me. I stayed in the kitchen with my eyes closed and Gigi brought it to me from the living room: an indigo bunting! It’s perfect and one of the best presents I ever got!

I got a woodcock ornament too, and after I ate dinner with the gals and after Gigi did FaceTime with Daddy (who’s on a business trip) and after I read Maple Syrup Season to Gigi before she went to bed and after I got hugs and kisses and after Laura and I watched our trashy TV, I headed directly to the still-undecorated Christmas tree in my own living room and placed the indigo bunting upon it, followed immediately by the woodcock (aka the timberdoodle), my tree’s first ornaments.

indigo bunting

indigo bunting





1. Mali - December 5, 2013

I’m not usually crafty, but after reading this, I really really want to make a tuidoodle for my tree.

indigobunting - December 5, 2013

If you do, please send me one. I still want Helen to send me a pickle! (Guess it’s a little late to think of that this year.)

Mali - December 6, 2013

If it turns out okay, I definitely will!

2. Helen - December 7, 2013

An ugly pickle would look even uglier beside these beauties.

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